PCMA Educon 2019 Opening Reception at Novo

Why LA?

Why Meet in Los Angeles?...

Because from the coast to the city, and the hills to the mountains, Los Angeles is one of the best, most complete places to meet.


Because you could hold every one of your meetings, events or conventions in Los Angeles from here on out and still not plan the same experience twice.


Because your attendees can dine in Michelin Star restaurants, relax along the stretches of the Pacific coastline, explore offbeat bars and shops and hike in the hills.


Because this is the Capital of Creativity.


As the official DMO/CVB for the City of Los Angeles, we are your local tour guides, destination experts, imaginative problem-solvers, and direct resource to everything LA has to offer. Our team will help you navigate your options, taking what feels like a big city and making it a welcoming and accessible place for your meeting, convention or event. From venue searching to site visits to vendor selection, our priority is to make it easier and more accessible for you and your attendees to experience what’s possible in the Capital of Creativity.