LA Pride Parade
LA Pride Parade | Photo: Christopher Street West

Celebrate Pride in LA

From the 54th annual LA Pride Parade to concerts, nightlife, outdoor movies and LGBTQ+ landmarks, read on for the best of LA Pride.

LA Pride

Stay and Slay

June 8-9, 2024

Book your Hollywood hotel for LA Pride Weekend and beyond!

LA Pride Hollywood Parade 2022
LA Pride Hollywood Parade 2022

The Guide to LA Pride

Stay tuned for can't-miss LA Pride Weekend and Pride events across the city!


From parades to festivals, club nights, outdoor movies, art exhibits and much more!

Pride Hearts
Pride Hearts 1 (left)

Love is Love

More Pride celebrations, from WeHo to San Pedro!

Arts & Culture

Celebrate LGBTQ+ creatives at museums, galleries, theaters and more.

Pride Hearts
Pride Hearts

Pride at the Movies

Watch LGBTQ+ films during Pride and all year long.

LGBTQ+ History & Icons

Los Angeles has a long and rich history in the LGBTQ+ community, from one of the country's earliest Pride demonstrations at the Black Cat in 1967; to the world’s first permitted parade advocating for gay rights in 1970.

Bloom & Plume Coffee

These Lovely Streets: Maurice Harris

Bloom & Plume Coffee is a must-stop thanks to its purveyor, co-founder and all-star florist.

These Lovely Streets: Ron Athey
Ron Athey | Photo: YouTube

These Lovely Streets: Ron Athey

With roots in the LA punk and club scene, Ron Athey is an LGBTQ+ art iconoclast who challenges the status quo.