Answers to 4 Questions Your Attendees Want to Know

When you’ve got your eye on Los Angeles for your convention or meeting, don’t forget the city’s nuances that attendees will want to know about. If you’re not as familiar with LA or have only a perception, there can be a lot of unknowns when it comes to this buzzing destination. Attendees have questions, like:

  • How easy is it to get around LA for things I want to see and do that are farther than a walk?
  • What are the once-in-a-lifetime experiences I can do while I'm there? 
  • What are the musts within a walk or short ride from the Convention Center (LACC)? 
  • Looking outside the convention district perimeter, what are the different neighborhoods like? 

Here are some highlights and helpful links to help answer those questions. With all its quirks and character, LA is distinctive as it is accommodating. 

LA Group Walking Downtown

Seamlessly Getting Around LA

Your group has flown in through Ontario International Airport, Burbank Bob Hope Airport or the West Coast’s largest airport, LAX. Now, … for getting around. You’ve got options. 


There’s a free airport connection shuttle on Metro (LA's world-class transportation system), and several ways to see the city car-free, on bike or by bus. For people in your group with differing abilities and mobilities, here’s a repository of information that includes accessible transportation services like Access Paratransit, LAX-it and more.

Urban Light

Once-in-a-Lifetime, Bucket List-Topping Experiences

The best thing about LA’s vast amount of things to do is that it checks off all the unique bucket lists of your attendees. If someone feels like standing under a 150-million-year-old, 680,000-pound rock … they can. If they feel like noshing at one of the city’s ‘Top Chef’-owned restaurants … they can. There’s a dizzying amount of options. The fun is deciding.  


The largest art museum in the western United States? That’d be in LA – and the word ‘museum’ doesn’t do it justice. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has must-sees for anyone wanting to experience artistic expression and culture in one place. 


There are plenty of creative ways to catch a movie in the Entertainment Capital of the World. One way is at The Montalban Theatre (namesake of legendary actor Ricardo Montalban). The Theatre is a standing icon in Hollywood – where catching a film on the roof tops the list, but catching a film on the roof for The Cannabis & Movies Club tops the bucket list. For extended stayers with downtime on Sunday night, this might be the place for them. 


Honorable mentions include catching an event at Hollywood Bowl, adding incentive trip inspirations into the mix, shopping Rodeo, hiking to the famous HOLLYWOOD sign, getting in a SoCal surfing lesson, and too many more to list. So, for more bucket list ideas, reach out to a local from our LA team who knows all the ins and outs.

LA Live

The Musts Within a Walk from LACC

Sharing the convention campus with LACC is L.A. LIVE, the city’s entertainment and sports epicenter. It’s an urban core with three live entertainment venues and more than 20 restaurants. 


Attendees can eat, drink and play at places like Arena – watching the Lakers, Kings, Clippers or Sparks play – or at Microsoft Theater – home of the EMMYS, ESPYS and many other events. They can catch a show at The Novo, tour The GRAMMY Museum, eat at one of the many delicious restaurants and much more.

Santa Monica Pier

Exploring LA’s Neighborhoods

LA’s neighborhoods are a microcosm of different cultures, attractions, restaurants and hidden gems. With truly something for everyone, you’ll need a breakdown of the vibes, the spots, the facts and more. You can find those here


If you need more of your attendees’ questions answered, reach out to the team of LA experts to help.