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The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro) is the major operator of bus and rail service in the City of Los Angeles and LA County. Through its Bike Metro program, Metro offers a variety of options for cyclists that lets you combine your ride with Metro Rail and bus. For more information about Bike Metro, including downloadable bilingual pocket guides, maps and more, please visit

Bike Metro Rules

Whether it's using the bike rack on the bus, bringing your bike on a train, or parking your bike at a Metro station, Metro is ready to assist you on your trip. But first, please take some time to learn the bike rules when using Metro.

Rules for Bikes on Metro Rail

  • Be courteous to other passengers.
  • Always wait for the next train if the train is crowded.
  • DO NOT park your bicycle behind the operator’s cab in the lead car.
  • Always keep doors and aisles clear.
  • Give priority to wheelchair passengers in designated areas.
  • Always stand with your bike in the designated open area while on board the train.
  • Walk your bike in stations and on platforms, and use the elevator or stairs.
  • Folding bikes are encouraged and allowed on board. Make sure it is properly folded.
  • Fuel-powered, three-wheeled, tandem, recumbent and over six-foot-long bicycles, as well as all mopeds and trailers, are not allowed.

Rules for Bikes on Metro Buses

  • Wait for the next bus if the rack is full.
  • Remove ALL loose items not attached (i.e. bags on handle bars, backpacks, helmets, etc.) and take them with you onto the bus.
  • You are responsible for loading and unloading your bicycle.
  • Just before your stop, tell the bus operator that you will be getting your bike from the rack.
  • Never cross in front of a bus.
  • Never try to retrieve something that rolls under the bus.
  • Folding bikes with 20-inch or smaller wheels can be taken on board. Make sure your bike is folded and stored under a rear seat so as not to block aisles and doorways. Motorized folding bikes are not allowed.
  • Bicycles over 55 pounds cannot be accommodated on Metro bus bike racks.
Metro A Line (Blue)
Metro A Line (Blue) | Photo: The Source

Metro Rail

Bikes are permitted on Metro Rail trains at all times. If a train is full, please wait for the next train. Enter at doors marked with this symbol:

  • On Red/Purple Lines - Look for the designated open area to accommodate bikes and other large items at the end of the car.
  • On Green and Gold Lines - Please stand with your bike in the designated area marked with the symbol above.
  • On Blue and Expo Lines -  Please stand with your bike in an available area at either end of the rail car. Exception: Bikes are not permitted in front of the operator’s door in the lead car.

Bicycle Lockers

Metro provides bicycle lockers for rent at many of the Metro Rail and Metro Orange Line stations. (See Metro Bike Map for locker locations.) To improve service to bicyclists, Metro has partnered with the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC). The LACBC will manage the availability of bicycle lockers in LA County as the need for bicycle facilities expands. Bicycle locker rentals are currently $24 for six months, plus a $50 refundable security key deposit. For instructions on renting a locker, please visit

Lost & Found

If your bike is accidentally left on the bus, please visit Metro’s Lost & Found online system to report your lost or stolen bike. You can also visit the Wilshire/ La Brea Customer Center, located at 5301 Wilshire Blvd. (at La Brea). The Customer Center is open Monday-Saturday from 9am-5pm (closed for lunch from 1pm-2pm).

Bike Month

For more information on Bike Month visit