The @RuffCutzDTLA Guide to L.A.

Living La Vida Perro!
@ruffcutzdtla and friends on Grand Avenue in Downtown L.A. | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla

Enrique Gamboa daydreams like us all - only recently, he made his dreams a reality. Sitting behind a desk as a successful corporate employee wasn’t enough for him. He longed to be outside, exploring his hometown of Los Angeles, and he loved dogs.

Sometime later, we meet Gamboa, now a successful dog walker, trainer and upcoming Instagram star, @RuffCutzDTLA. His clan of 25 dog-clients - mostly rescues - accompany him on daily Los Angeles adventures to landmarks, hidden gems and even art museums. The dogs are learning to be good dogs, and Gamboa’s audience is learning a bit about L.A. from a pet-friendly point of view. Read on for highlights of the @RuffCutzDTLA trek through some of L.A.'s most picturesque neighborhoods, and meet some of his cute canine companions.

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Kaiya at Walt Disney Concert Hall | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla

Kaiya's Downtown L.A.

"Kaiya is the big baby boss and Downtown L.A. is home base. She arrived in Downtown L.A. as a puppy and learned the ropes of livin in the big city. She struts the town as if she’s running 'fur' Mayor of LA. Watch out Garcetti!"

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Pershing Square | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla

Kaiya loves visit Pershing Square with her pals. Located in the heart of Downtown L.A. across from the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, Pershing Square is a great pet-friendly location. It spans a city block and hosts numerous events throughout the year, including the popular outdoor ice skating rink during the holidays. Building on the global placemaking movement, Pershing Square Renew aspires to be a model for the transformation of public spaces throughout Los Angeles and beyond.

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Meaux Meaux at Echo Park | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla

Meaux Meaux's Echo Park

"Meaux Meaux: you hear the echo in her name and she’s all bark and a regular at the park."

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Echo Park Lake | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla

Originally built as a drinking water reservoir in the 1860s, the 13-acre Echo Park Lake is surrounded by 16 acres of open recreational space. With the Downtown L.A. skyline as the backdrop, the parklands, charming footbridge, boathouse, beautiful lotus beds, and the Lady of the Lake statue have attracted visitors for generations. Activities include pedal boats, picnic tables, jogging, and strolls around the perimeter pathway. The annual Lotus Festival is one of L.A.'s most popular summer events. Film noir fans will recognize Echo Park Lake from a scene in Chinatown when J.J. Gittes (Jack Nicholson) takes photographs of Hollis Mulwray (Darrell Zwerling) from a rowboat.

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Bella, Leo and Chicken Boy in Highland Park | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla

Bella & Leo's Highland Park

"Leo’s the big Highland Park foodie and Bella loves her HP 're-tail' therapy."

The famous Chicken Boy in Highland Park was originally perched atop the namesake fried chicken restaurant in Downtown L.A., on Broadway (Historic Route 66) between 4th and 5th Streets, near the Grand Central Market. The iconic statue stood there from the 1960s until 1984, when the restaurant owner died. The 22-foot-tall Chicken Boy was saved by art director Amy Inouye, who installed the statue on the rooftop of her Future Studio Design & Gallery. The Chicken Boy Shop and Future Studio Gallery are open on Saturdays from noon to 5 p.m.

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Agnes in Leimert Park | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla

Agnes's Leimert Park

"Agnes is like Madea ruff and tough and can still kill the game on home cookin."

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Leimert Park | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla
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Odie in Silver Lake | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla

Odie's Silver Lake

"Odie is the hipster gentrifying all the trees off Silver Lake Boulevard."

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Silver Lake stairs | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla
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Eureka | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla

Eureka's Hollywood

"Eureka is flashy, she’s smart, she’s bossy, and got the model life going so she shines like a natural star!"

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Hollywood Bowl | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla

On Sunday, Sept. 30 the LA Phil kicks off its centennial season with Celebrate LA! A free celebration with hundreds of musicians, artists, dancers, family activities and more. Celebrate LA! will be an epic eight-mile street party featuring 1,800 musicians, artists, and dancers performing at the festival’s six hubs and along the route itself. The evening culminates with a free concert at the Hollywood Bowl, where Gustavo Dudamel will lead the Los Angeles Philharmonic and welcome very special guests – including Katy Perry, Herbie Hancock, Kali Uchis, Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA), and more to the Bowl stage.

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Cecil at LACMA "Urban Light" | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla

Cecil's Mid-Wilshire

"Cecil has the cool hair and flashy vibes that mix well in an area filled with museums, shopping and fine dining."

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"Urban Light" at LACMA | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla
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Quincy in the Valley | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla

Quincy's Valley

"As you can see, Quincy is a big beefcake and our star flufferz."

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The Valley | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla
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Lazer at Muscle Beach in Venice Beach | Photo by @ruffcutzdtla

Lazer's Venice Beach

"Lazer is the muscle and has the beach body for it!"

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Muscle Beach at Venice Beach | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla
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Buddy at the Manhattan Beach Pier | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla

Buddy's Manhattan Beach

"Buddy is the longboard of dogs. 'Surf's pup' with this long kahuna."

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Manhattan Beach | Photo courtesy of @ruffcutzdtla