100 Free Things to Do in Los Angeles

Caltrans HQ 100
Caltrans District 7 Headquarters | Photo courtesy of John Kim, Flickr

Here it is, folks! Our list of 100 absolutely free things to do in Los Angeles, the city where arts and culture, attractions, activities, health and beauty, concerts and recreation come free of charge. If you're looking for fun things to do in LA on the cheap, why spend anything at all when you can see LA for a whopping $0?

Madame Tussauds Marilyn
Madame Tussauds Wax Museum | Photo: Karen Maze for LA Tourism

Free Activities in Los Angeles (1-16)

Ever think, 'what's fun to do near me for free?' Free activities here and free activities there! Wherever you look, LA's got your budget covered. The first installment of 100 free things to do in Los Angeles is to get out there and do stuff. So what are you waiting for? Discover LA today.

Disney Hall Sign
Walt Disney Concert Hall | Photo: Derick Snow for LA Tourism

Free Arts and Culture in Los Angeles (17-30)

Love arts and culture? Trying to find some cool things to do in LA? Lucky for you that Los Angeles is the city for cutting-edge art and diverse cultures. Luckier for you that much of it is free. 

Central Library in Downtown L.A.   |  Photo: Arturo Bender
Central Library in Downtown L.A.  |  Photo: Arturo Bender

Free Attractions in Los Angeles (31-43)

You might think that sightseeing in Los Angeles will cost a pretty penny, but think again. Free attractions in Los Angeles offer a chance to see the city without breaking the bank.

Ballerina Disney Hall
Ballerina, Disney Hall | Photo: Freund Studio, Flickr

Free Health and Beauty in Los Angeles (44-52)

Staying healthy and getting pretty shouldn't cost you, especially in LA. Check out all the free things to do to maintain your health and beauty in Los Angeles.

Getty Villa Sign
The Getty Villa | Photo: b.margaritasanchez, Flickr

Free Museums in Los Angeles (53-66)

When it comes to Los Angeles museums, the words “free admission” have a certain ring. Imagine standing before a priceless van Gogh without having paid a dime, or strolling through the galleries and gardens filled with Roman statuary at the renowned Getty Villa without having to “make the most out of your money.” Artistic "free"-dom, indeed. 

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum | Photo: Bobby Gibbons, Flickr

Free Museums with Special Admission Days (67-79)

In Los Angeles, free days at museums aren’t difficult to come by. In fact, so many LA museums offer free days that it's easy to enjoy some of LA's greatest treasures without spending any money. If you're looking for more things to do in LA, find out which days are free and discover some of LA's best museums at no cost.

Griffith Park Observatory Couple Hiking Kiss
Hiking in Griffith Park

Free Recreation in Los Angeles (80-91)

By definition, recreation ought to be free. Getting outside is one of the best ways to discover Los Angeles. Check out this list of free recreational activities to enjoy during your LA vacation.

Summer Concert
Summer Concert | Photo: Otola Photography, Flickr

Free Summer Concerts in Los Angeles (92-100)

In Los Angeles, summer means that free outdoor concerts are in full force, beckoning visitors to get outside and enjoy LA’s thriving music scene. From blowout shows to Sunday afternoons in the park, the following free events in Los Angeles will keep you tapping your feet. So get out there, enjoy the weather and tune into the music.