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LA’s Safety and Security Resources for Your Convention Group

In our City of Angels, we’ve taken a unique public/private collaborative approach to maximize all available resources in addressing issues of safety and security for citywide conventions.
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The safety and security of our guests are of paramount concern. Through close collaboration with the City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Convention Center and our industry partners, we take a comprehensive approach to addressing the unique needs of every event.

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LA City’s Safety and Security Task Force

Under the leadership of the City’s Chief Tourism Officer, Doane Liu, and his team at the City Tourism Department (CTD), a public safety and security plan for citywide convention groups is in place to elevate attendees’ and meeting planners' feelings of safety when attending events. 

Through the Safety and Security Task Force, CTD leads the ‘Pre-Con Roll Call’ and works closely with LA’s city departments, including law enforcement and emergency personnel, to prioritize attendee safety for all groups.

Timeline of Preparation

Here is a timeline snapshot of how LA prepares for your event:


Before the Event:

One Month Out

  • LA Tourism sends an ‘Event Resume’ to the Safety and Security Task Force and the appropriate departments
    • One-sheet communications informing on who’s coming, your event website, attendance estimation, dates, hotels in your room block, offsite event locations and more
  • CTD provides you (and, if applicable, your director of security) with additional resources:
    • Point-of-Contact List, optimal travel times, information on walkability and transportation, etc.

One Week Out

  • ‘Pre-Con Roll Call’ scheduled seven days out from your event
    • Includes Safety and Security Task Force, the directors of security for your contracted hotels and the Los Angeles Convention Center director of security


During the Event

  • Downtown presence of LAPD’s specialized units
    • Metro Division street patrol 
  • LA Department of Transportation (LADOT)
    • Deployment of traffic officers to help with traffic control and flow
  • StreetsLA
    • Street and lane closures to make it safer for attendees
    • Coordination with the Bureau of Street Services on the use of Downtown streets for event spaces
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Los Angeles City Departments Activated

Pulling from their experience hosting the Super Bowl in 2022, the Los Angeles City Departments have a coordinated plan and activation strategy for convention center groups.


As the city's largest department, the Los Angeles Police Department is crucial to the safety and security of convention groups in LA.

To help prevent crime and maintain public safety, LAPD works closely with CTD and LA Tourism to work toward a protected environment for all convention attendees in the city.

LAPD Central Division


LA Fire Department

The LA Fire Department preserves life and property, promotes public safety and fosters economic growth through a commitment to prevention, preparedness, response and recovery as an all-risk life safety response provider.

• Station 3: Civic Center/Bunker Hill
• Station 9: Central City
• Station 10: Convention Center District

LAFD Central Bureau



StreetsLA maintains the City's public works infrastructure and enhances the experience and quality of life of City residents, visitors, and stakeholders.

StreetsLA strives to maintain a world class street network through integration, innovation and inclusion.




The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) leads transportation planning, project delivery and operations in the City of Los Angeles.

LADOT works together to deliver a safe, livable and well-run transportation system in the city and region.



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LA City's Tourism Master Plan

CTD's Tourism Master Plan has established measures to create and oversee a comprehensive citywide events strategy for LA. The Plan involves developing professional resources and bringing together public-sector officials, industry stakeholders, venue owners/operators/organizers and event producers.

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LA City's Emergency Preparedness Plan

The City of LA has plans in place to address the safety and security of convention groups. Meeting planners can find information about emergency protocols and resources on the official website of the Los Angeles Emergency Management Department.

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NotifyLA is the City of Los Angeles’ official mass notification system used to send voice messages, text messages and email messages to residents and businesses during times of emergencies and disasters. It’s easy to get started. Just text “Ready” to 888777. When you leave town, simply text “Stop” to the same number and you’ll be removed from the list.

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Downtown Campus Safety
Los Angeles Convention Center

Getting Attendees To & From the Center

• Preventative crime measures implemented by the LAPD
• Crowd management measures
• Initiatives to improve traffic flow
• Collaboration with the Downtown Center Business Improvement District and the deployment of additional safety ambassadors throughout the area


Inside & Around the Center

• Registration screening and security checkpoints
• Additional Security staff
• Law enforcement presence outside the Center
• Convention safety guidelines
• Emergency preparedness plan
ADA accessibility

See an issue that needs to be addressed? The Business Improvement Districts (BIDS) offer fully staffed, 24-hour hotlines to make a report or ask for help:
Downtown Center BID : (213) 624-2425
South Park BID : (866) 560-9346


A Word from Our Team

We prioritize your attendees’ safety, security and enjoyment during their time in Los Angeles.

At Los Angeles Tourism, we understand that while it is impossible for any destination to guarantee an incident-free event, implementing safety measures enables our community to proactively prepare for your group’s gathering.

In addition, our city and county officials are laser-focused on mitigating the global homelessness crisis at a local level while simultaneously enhancing the quality of life for Angelenos and attendees alike. 

Mayor Karen Bass stated after the 100th day of her administration that her top priority from day one “has been confronting the homelessness crisis with the urgency it requires, and that won’t stop.”

We applaud the continuous work being done to improve the situation for all those impacted. While this is an ever-evolving issue and one that won't be solved overnight, Los Angeles remains a vibrant and welcoming destination to visit.

When it comes to the protection and peace of mind of your group, our team is here to help. No question is unimportant. No concern is overlooked.

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Preparation Planning Tips

  • Once you're on-site, consider any potential hazards.
  • Have the venue’s exit strategy and emergency preparedness plan available. 
  • Review your venue layout – meeting rooms, exits, staircases, elevators, etc., and provide to your attendees.
  • Confirm that the location complies with ADA accessibility regulations.
  • Have an on-site medical care plan.
  • Have a readily accessible list of attendees with emergency contact information.
  • Seek third-party vendors who are specialists in any planned activities to address the safety and welfare of your participants.

Attendee Safety Tips:

  • Always pay attention, stay alert, and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Remove and stash your convention badges outside of the meeting site.
  • Don’t flash any cash or credit cards.
  • Walk in well-traveled and well-lit places, especially at night.
  • Report suspicious behavior to the safety patrols or Los Angeles Police Department.
  • If you see something, say something.

See L.A. County’s current guidelines, requirements and recommendations for indoor and outdoor events accommodating groups of any size. Resources