The Spirit of Community:

Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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One of Los Angeles’ greatest strengths is the diversity of our community.

Engaging the Talent of the Future

Authentic to the core, our community is our city’s story and soul. And the essence of our destination, ‘Everyone is Welcome,’ extends beyond the invitation to a diverse, world-class experience. In Los Angeles, that welcome is our substance. Our spirit. A turning point for many. That welcome can be life-changing – even at a meeting or convention.
LA’s inherence of diversity, equity and inclusion are deep-seated in our business events industry. LA Tourism partners with the city’s organizations on corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that continue to bring DEI values to the forefront of representation.
The Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) Career Academy — created by the City Tourism Department and in a unique partnership with ​​LA Tourism and LACC — gives students in historically underserved areas of LA the opportunity to visit the Convention Center during a convention or event and engage with national and global leaders working in various industries. 
Imagine representatives from your association, corporate group or organization coming to LA and doing something tangible, meaningful and impactful on the lives of others.


These initiatives are brought to life by the dynamism of our city and the heart of our people. We welcome you to come to experience them.

LA Tourism’s CSR Initiatives in Action

Your attendees can dream, create and thrive while they’re here. They can look forward, and they can give back. See more about how our community leans into opportunities and invests in the lives of others through meaningful team-building experiences and custom volunteering programs. These rippled efforts create impacts that resonate long after your group’s time spent here.

Accessibility Services at LAX, Metro, and LA’s Attractions & Venues

Inclusive meetings are accessible meetings. Read on for our guide to accessibility services at LAX, Metro and attractions and venues across the city.

LA’s Regions: Diverse Cultures, Enclaves & More

As a leading international destination, L.A. is one of the most representative cities on the planet. Our community is an influence of culture, characterized by Angelenos who come from more than 140 different countries and speak over 220 different languages.

These Lovely Streets

Maurice Harris

Maurice Harris

Kenturah Davis

Kenturah Davis

Hugh Augustine

Hugh Augustine

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Olympia Auset

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Kohshin Finley

Essence Harden 2020

Essence Harden

Spencer Paysinger 2020

Spencer Paysinger

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Naima Keith

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Genevieve Gaignard

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A Spirit of Community and a Team of Representatives

As the aspirations for deeper diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and humanitarianism continue to spark initiatives around the world, Los Angeles has and always will strive to represent. And while the spirit and actions of L.A. predate these standards, we remain devoted to stronger community impacts and evolution as a city. Learn how our team will assist in bringing your meetings vision to life and help you and your group create a real, long-lasting influence while you meet in Los Angeles.