Imagine igniting a belief in a student who may not have considered certain possibilities for themselves.

A multi-year study of 165,000 Los Angeles high school students revealed that 55% felt inadequately prepared for future careers. The Career Academy facilitates connections for high school students from underserved socioeconomic backgrounds to enriching experiences at the LA Convention Center (LACC). This program aims to provide them with insights into various career paths and opportunities, while also offering the chance to hear from industry leaders who have faced similar obstacles and triumphs.

Learn how you can integrate the Career Academy into your convention.


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Inside the Program

In 2021, the City Tourism Department (CTD), launched the Career Academy, bringing students to the LACC to visit conventions in the medical, technology and corporate fields, as well as consumer shows.

Each Career Academy brings together 10-15 students (ages 14-19) to consider diverse, dynamic career paths and increase equity in career representation.

Single-day visits include an event tour, engaging with your exhibitors, a meeting with industry leaders and a keynote speaker session.

Career Academy Students
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I loved seeing people like me doing things that are so amazing — seeing how anything can be done if you put your mind to it. I like learning about all their stories and how they became the people they are today.

Turnkey Partnerships and You



  • Manages school outreach, secures ideal matches and coordinates the Career Academy program agenda in collaboration with the event organizer

  • Organizes transportation schedules and waivers with schools

LA Tourism

  • The official DMO/CVB for the City of Los Angeles that provides a direct resource to everything LA offers

  • Works with CTD to identify conventions to explore LA Career Academy potential


  • Works with event organizers to allocate meeting spaces and coordinate meals; ensures seamless setup for the day's agenda

Event Organizers

  • Designate one meeting room at the LACC for students for the day where they gather, learn and network; host breakfast and/or lunch for the group

  • Collaborate with CTD on agenda refinement, including keynote selection and which exhibitors to visit

  • Facilitate Q&A sessions with host organization staff to gain valuable insights into industry navigation

LACC Career Academy

Your Impact

  • Help build a talent pipeline and workforce of the future.

  • Expand your event impact and garner interest in your organization and its member’s work.

  • Enable your representatives to have a tangible, impactful experience benefiting others.

  • Highlight exhibitors, speakers and staff for a diverse, younger audience unfamiliar with your industry.

  • Fulfill corporate social responsibility goals with a community-driven focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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The thing I liked most was how different people from different backgrounds shared what they had gone through. Everything was super insightful, informative, and inspirational.

Past Career Academy-Integrated Events

  • GSMA Mobile World Congress

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems World Congress

  • LA Art Show 

  • LA Auto Show

  • National Council for Mental Wellbeing (NatCon)

  • Society of Women Engineers

  • US & Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP)

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What I liked the most was meeting all the people and seeing the booths because I was able to learn about the different parts of the mental health community.


Ready to plan your convention and your impact?

Through a partnership with our City Tourism Department (CTD), LA Convention Center and LA Tourism, we can help your organization expand its reach and increase visibility for your industry while tremendously impacting our local community. Thank you for considering participating in the LA Career Academy. 

Director of Policy and Research, LA City Tourism Department

Vice President, Convention Sales