Retreat to the Wellness Suite in the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

A welcome message from Deepak Chopra is just the beginning

California Wellness Suite | Photo: Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

From your perfectly balayaged hair to your microbladed brows to your vampire facialed skin, your body is a temple and your hotel room should be too. That’s why you’ve booked yourself a mini staycation / cleansing retreat at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, where you’ve requested their California Wellness Suite. Not only is it the healthiest room in town, you’re sure it’ll help you get over the lingering effects of a nightmarish flu season so you can look and feel tip-top again.

Four Seasons Beverly Hills Wellness Suite Yoga

California Wellness Suite | Photo: Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills 

All 285 guest rooms and luxury suites at the Four Seasons are pretty marvelous, featuring marble bathrooms, French doors to step-out balconies with views of the gardens, the Hollywood Hills, and Rodeo Drive. But the Wellness Rooms are specifically designed to recharge and refresh you body and soul, which is exactly what you need if you’re going to make it to that retreat at Esalen next month, and not sneeze your way through the whole thing.

You step into your room right around sunset, and are greeted by Deepak Chopra, world-renowned wellness pioneer, who has filmed a welcome message just for guests of this room, lending you wisdom and insight the second you walk in the door. You sniff the impossibly clean air—the custom Air Purification system here reduces allergens, toxins, and microbes from the air. You adjust the Circadian lighting, and match the room environment to your mood which is, of course, enlightened.

You sneeze, but only because you’re getting over that cold—no allergies whatsoever in this room, where the cleaning protocol uses only hypoallergenic products and state of the art UV wand cleaning tools, which neutralize bacteria, viruses and other microbes. No H3N2 in here, sipping on your Moon Juice silver colloid strawberry smoothie.

Four Seasons Beverly Hills Wellness Suite Exercise Bike

California Wellness Suite | Photo: Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

In the corner of the room, an exercise bike is among other fitness equipment from Peloton and Technogym. In-room yoga equipment is by Alo. You perform some kundalini yoga breath exercises, followed by a guided meditation with Deepak (again, specifically for the guests of this room).

Then, a bubble bath with products by LATHER made with essential oils and botanical extracts (you forgot your Epsom Salts and Dr. Bronner’s, dammit). The water’s so soft—it’s sulfate-free in water treated by a dechlorinator, which reduces chlorine to help your skin and hair stay soft and smooth.

Culina patio and fireplace

Culina at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

 |  Photo: Yuri Hasegawa

The hotel's on-site restaurant, Culina beckons with a lovely patio and a breakfast menu that features Wellness Cuisine. There are options aplenty - First Burrito of the Day, Açaí Bowl, New World Fruit Plate, Chia Pudding Bowl and more. You go with the Wellness Deal - egg white frittata with spinach, mushrooms, green onion, tomato, asparagus, housemade turkey sausage, and a choice of juice, coffee or tea.

"Levitated Mass" at LACMA

Levitated Mass at LACMA | Photo: Mr. Babyman, Flickr

Energized by the healthy breakfast, you visit LACMA, where you contemplate Michael Heizer's Levitated Mass (2012), a 340-ton megalith that seems to float above a 456-foot-long concrete slot in the Resnick North Lawn.

After exploring the neighborhood, you return to the hotel and you’re so relaxed that you set the bathroom to night lighting, climb into bed, and order an evening snack from the room service menu, approved by leading nutritionists at Cleveland Clinic Wellness. You don’t normally eat after 6pm but you’ll make an exception today.

You watch some Bill and Esther Hicks online videos and feel at peace with the world. Eventually your eyes close as a soundscape machine emits soft rhythmic sounds. You dream of Esalen and you know you’ll be there soon.


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