Get Lost at Mama Shelter

Hollywood Welcomes You With Open Arms
Photo courtesy of Mama Shelter Los Angeles, Facebook

You’re part of the New Wave of Hollywood, design-savvy, but not ostentatious, cosmopolitan, but relaxed about it, and a dreamer, with your feet firmly planted on the ground—unless you’re on Mama Shelter’s divine rooftop terrace that is, admiring the panoramic view. Mama’s atmosphere of whimsical chic makes you feel right at home, as does the emphasis on budget-friendly luxury; Mama treats her guests like royalty without charging a king’s ransom.

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All Mama’s seventy rooms boast extra-comfy king sized beds, so you wake up fully refreshed. You rinse off in the rainshower and check out the news on your Apple TV. You browse the pages of the True Romance screenplay in your room—“you’re so cool”—and glance out the window at the Hollywood Sign and the Griffith Observatory in the distance. Yep, you’re definitely in Tinseltown.

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Photo courtesy of Mama Shelter

You wander downstairs, noting the chalk artwork on the ceiling, like a pop art Sistine Chapel, and venture out into the sunshine, delighted to be in one of L.A.’s most walkable neighborhoods. To the north, the sage green hills where hikers traverse the miles of cross-crossing trails; to the south, the pulsing heart of the entertainment world. You’re a short stroll away from Amoeba Records, the world’s largest independent record store, the beloved singer-songwriter venue the Hotel Cafe, grungy rock ’n roll hang out the Burgundy Room, not to mention the iconic Capitol Records building, home to studios and echo chambers used by Frank Sinatra and Paul McCartney, and where The Beach Boys recorded "Surfin' USA."

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The New Room | Photo courtesy of Musso & Frank Grill, Facebook

If it’s a Sunday, you lose yourself in the weekly Hollywood Farmers Market, boasting all the flowers, oysters, fruit and organic treats your heart desires. You follow the stars west down the Walk of Fame, until you reach Musso & Frank Grill, the oldest restaurant in Hollywood. Founded in 1919, Charlie Chaplin had his own booth there, and Raymond Chandler is said to have written “The Big Sleep” in the back room. You order their famous flannel cakes and coffee (Greta Garbo’s favorite) and remember to come back one night for a Martini, which Dita Von Teese swears is the best in town.

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Fireworks Spectacular | Photo courtesy of Hollywood Bowl, Facebook

As the sun sets, you head a few blocks west over to the TCL Chinese Theatre to soak up the motion picture history and see the handprints of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, the Dolby Theatre (home of the Oscars) rising up in the background. Another ten minute stroll up Highland Avenue and you’re at the Hollywood Bowl, one of the most magical outdoor music venues in the world, where your favorite band happens to be playing tonight under the stars.

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Afterwards, your mind and senses fully blown, you skip home to Mama who welcomes you back with open arms. The rooftop is buzzing, full of PYTs enjoying Mama’s craft cocktails and famous avocado hummus. A server brings you the best cocktail you’ve ever had—it’s called “How I Met Your Mother”—and you notice she’s wearing a shirt that says “Mama Loves You.” As if you needed any reminder.

6500 Selma Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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