Living the Dream Hollywood

Hollywood's newest star is ready for its close-up!

Dream Hollywood | Instagram by @weareshadow

Bottle popping, show stopping, island hopping, mic dropping — feels like you’re living the Dream Hollywood, confirmed by the view of the Hollywood Sign that greets you as soon as you open your eyes. The floor-to-ceiling windows and double height ceilings are as lofty as your ambition, so you hop out of bed, put on your sunglasses, and step into the heart of Tinseltown, the cosmopolitan epicenter of the entertainment business.

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Located on Cahuenga Boulevard, the Dream Hollywood occupies half a city block, the building inspired by your favorite OG Mid-Century starchitect Richard Neutra. Upscale but unpretentious and boasting futuristic touches throughout, the design keeps your Instagram feed looking lively for days.

You notice that the space was imagined by the same people behind the trendy Mid-Century-inspired co-working space NeueHouse a few blocks away, where you’ll be having meetings with fellow creatives later.

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You’re utterly spoiled for dining and party options—beyond the huge lobby, a landscaped "public alley" links up eateries and nightlife spots— Luchini Pizzeria, TAO Los Angeles, Avenue nightclub, and Highlight Room. Seems like the world’s best block party is at your doorstep, custom-made for someone with your appetite for fun, edge and exclusivity.

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You decide on dinner at the breathtaking Beauty & Essex, the 10,000 square-foot dining palace next door which features a charming pawn shop entrance.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, Tobey Maguire, Zoe Saldana, Katie Holmes, and Owen Wilson came to the opening of the Dream complex. As you sip on an O.D.B. (the “Old Dirty Bramble” made with Avion Reposado tequila, smoked blackberries, honey and ginger) you’re pretty sure the actual O.D.B. is sitting two tables away with his rapper squad—although in Hollywood you’re not supposed to stare.

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After a post-dinner stroll along the world-famous Walk of Fame, it’s time for a nightcap at the rooftop—mesmerized by the twinkling lights of the Hollywood Hills, you have to pinch yourself as a hydraulic stage rises up from inside the swimming pool, and a cool Coachella DJ performs for the beautiful crowd. Feels like you’re living the Dream, all right - and who says you have to wake up?

Dream Hollywood
6417 Selma Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 844-6417

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