Bask in Bohemian Luxury at the Petit Ermitage

There’s Nothing Basic About This Whimsically Lavish Boutique Hotel in West Hollywood

Petit Ermitage Butterfly Bar
Butterfly Bar | Photo: Petit Ermitage

You’ve always been a free spirit, marching to the beat of your own drum, and forever eschewing the conventional in favor of the creative. That extends to your travels, and lodging, as you purposely seek out accommodations that refuse to conform to cookie-cutter architecture and design. You’re in luck, because that’s precisely what’s in store for you, tucked away in West Hollywood at the Petit Ermitage.

From the moment you arrive, you know you’ve chosen perfectly. Nestled between Santa Monica Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, on a road-less-traveled side street, it’s obvious from the get-go why this luxury boutique hotel is a celeb-favorite. Sure, it’s within walking distance of iconic nightclubs and famed watering holes such as The Viper Room, The Roxy, Bootsy Bellows and Whisky A Go Go, but it feels worlds away from the bright lights of the Sunset Strip.

Petit Ermitage Master's Lounge
Master's Lounge | Photo: Petit Ermitage

In fact, the ivy-covered building emits an aura of discretion, as if it’s purposely trying to avoid calling attention to itself. Even the steps leading to the entrance are inconspicuous. However, you find as you step inside and breathe in the signature La Labo candle scent that permeates the lobby, that its unobtrusiveness from the exterior belies a lavish bohemian sanctuary inside. There’s simply nothing “industry-standard” about the Petit Ermitage.

From the private collection of art which includes works by Dali, Miro, de Kooning, Erté, and Rauschenberg, to the eclectic Moroccan-inspired décor; the Petit Ermitage’s design aesthetic is truly a flight of fancy come to fruition. Indeed, the concierge informs you that the owner intentionally selected all of the furniture, and all of the décor from his travels around the globe. The tiles lining the front drive for example, were sourced in Rome. The custom railings in the suites are from India. And the pillow shams you’ll find in your room? Those were handcrafted in Uzbekistan.  Even the walls are made of hand troweled Venetian plaster.

Petit Ermitage Masters Quarters Suite
Masters Quarters Suite | Photo: Petit Ermitage

As you make your way to your Masters Quarters suite to await delivery of your luggage, you can’t miss the 360-degree view of the Hollywood Hills, which you plan to truly savor over the coming days. But first, you’re eager to get acquainted with your personal little refuge for the next few days.

It’s everything you could have hoped for and more. As you pour a glass of the wine that is chilled and waiting for you, you take stock of your surroundings. Within your suite, there’s a hand-woven Turkish rug, a wet bar, and a working fireplace complete with a handcrafted mantel. There’s a separate living room, and you promptly open the balcony doors to take in the magnificent views.

Back inside you notice that the furniture doesn’t match in a traditional sense, and you can’t remember the last time your hotel room ceiling had a painting (the work of a local artist, per the concierge). Yet, modern conveniences including free Wi-Fi and a flatscreen TV ensure you’re not missing any modern, familiar creature comforts. In sum, it feels like the most beautifully organized chaos you can recall seeing. And it all smells so good, thanks to that candle and presumably the Le Labo toiletries in your bathroom.

Petit Ermitage Private Rooftop Pool
Private Rooftop Pool | Photo: Petit Ermitage

As beautiful as your room is, just steps from your door lies an absolute oasis, so you change into your bathing suit immediately. With direct access to the Private Rooftop, you are steps from the heated European saltwater pool, which happens to be scented with essence of pure damask roses.  Framed by lounge chairs and umbrellas, with potted kumquat trees, and succulents everywhere you look, you step into the warmth of the water and try to take it all in.

You quickly realize you could scan your surroundings for hours, and never fully appreciate everything. The attention that has clearly been paid to even the most minute details surrounding you is stunning. The poolside Cabana which is slightly elevated and adjacent to the pool is lightly shaded, with huge outdoor beds where you plan to read your book tomorrow.

Petit Ermitage Firedeck
Firedeck | Photo: Petit Ermitage

Beyond and below the Cabana is the Firedeck, where after dinner you plan to snuggle up under the fur blankets, warmed by the sunken fireplace, to watch tonight’s movie under the stars.

The Private Rooftop has your imagination running wild, so you grab your journal, and head to the Butterfly Bar for a Spirited Love Potion, a specially crafted seasonal cocktail, which is fragrant and flavorful with exotic fruits and herbs, locally sourced from farms and farmer’s markets. It’s the perfect setting for scribbling your ideas, and you’d hate to leave, (seriously you could spend hours admiring the Moroccan and Ecuadorian tiles) if it weren’t for the what the rest of the evening at the Petit Ermitage holds in store.

Petit Ermitage The Garden dinner table
Dinner in The Garden | Photo: Petit Ermitage

After freshening up, you return to The Private Rooftop for dinner, which you’ll take in The Garden. Recognized as a hummingbird and butterfly sanctuary by the National Wildlife Federation, The Garden is perhaps the loveliest place you’ve ever dined. It’s also the source of many of the herbs and vegetables used in Executive Chef Joseph Antonishek’s exquisite menu.  

From your first bites of artisan cured meats, olives, vegetables and bread that comprise the Assiette de Charcuterie, you can’t help but smile, acknowledging that variety is genuinely the spice of life. Your entrée of Lamb Tagine, with its accompanying fruits, nuts, yogurt and pita, only serves to further affirm your hypothesis. It’s all so different, and so delicious. And although you’ve had more than enough to eat, the allure of Banana Sesame gelato is too great to pass up. Besides, you’re planning to hit the yoga class held at the Firedeck tomorrow morning. And if need be, you can also double up at the onsite gym.

The sun has set, so you make your way to the Firedeck for a screening under the stars, feeling like you finally found a place where you truly fit in: here, at this magically whimsical place, in this city of dreamers, where the sky above is the only limit to what anyone with a vision, can create.


Petit Ermitage
8822 Cynthia St, West Hollywood 90069
(310) 854-1114

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