Schumann & Brahms

Nathalie Stutzmann’s confident baton guides Schumann’s heroic Second Symphony, and Sunwook Kim shines in Brahms’ sophisticated Second Piano Concerto.
Jan 9, 2025  |  8:00PM - 10:00PM
The Walt Disney Concert Hall

Nathalie Stutzmann brings her unparalleled technique and elegance to two passionate Romantic works, “shock[ing] us into hearing something quite new in music we think we know” (Opera Today). Robert Schumann’s triumphant Second Symphony transforms the relentless drums and trumpets blaring in the composer’s mind into a heroic fanfare that frames the symphony intermixed with yearning adagio and whiplash scherzo. Brahms’ intense yet intimate Second Piano Concerto displays the composer’s more sophisticated side and limitless creativity, allowing pianist Sunwook Kim to confidently push the boundaries of tonality and “grasp every single nuance in the score with poise and natural ease” (The Guardian).