Aligning with the Light Inside You: A Half-Day Immersive Workshop

After years of disruption and turmoil, many people have seriously questioned their identity, work, relationships, life, and purpose. Have you found yourself asking questions like:

•Who am I really?
•What do I really want from life?
•What is life actually about?
•What do I do now?

Congratulations — you’re awakening to the light within you.

This leads to the bigger, trickier question: what do you do now to align your actions, identity, work, relationships, and your life with that light?

In our immersive half-day workshop, we’ll explore all of that with:

•Guided meditation on self-compassion, forgiveness for where you are and where you have been, and gratitude
•Visualizations to let go of patterns that no longer serve you your old life
•Small group discussions to deepen your understanding of the values you and others prioritize
•Journaling exercises
•Ideal life visualization
•Positive reinforcement exercises
•Somatic exercises to release shame
•After-party to connect with like-minded people on a journey like yours (with snacks & drinks)
•Optional post-workshop happy hour for food and drinks nearby
•It’s like a mini-retreat, designed for maximum impact and enhanced vitality.

This workshop is right for you if any of the following resonates:

•You’re questioning your values and identity after an endless barrage of disruption in the world
•You’re more clear than ever but struggle to take steps to align with your light
•You want to make some changes but you are facing resistance within yourself and from others
•You want your work and relationships to reflect who you truly are
•You want to be more in your body and present
•You want to meet like-minded, conscious people

Join us for a beautiful day of immersing yourself in the light within you, and learn to let it shine out of you as well! This workshop also represents the launch of our eclectic and high-quality coaching network, Vita Lumina Collective, so please come celebrate with us.