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Rite Here Rite Now 2024 onlineMovie HD

$13 and up    |  Jun 15 - Nov 2, 2024  |  8:15PM - 10:10PM

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Overview: Whether you’re a devoted disciple looking to relive treasured memories of the GHOST live spectacle or among the curious uninitiated, RITE HERE RITE NOW will put you right there: putting your phones down and living in the moment—as a shadow of uncertainty looms—completely spellbound and in the thrall of this bombastic yet intimate cinematic portrait of GHOST.

Genres : Music, Comédie, Crime, Action

Released : 2024-06-20

Runtime : 144 Minutes

Title : Rite Here Rite Now

Production : Trafalgar Releasing, Fortress Entertainment Group, Popecorn Cinematic Pictures, Loma Vista Productions

Tag line : Haunting cinemas worldwide.

Stars : Ghost (), Tobias Forge (Papa Emeritus), Maralyn Facey (Sister Imperator), Alan Ursillo (Papa Nihil), Ashley McBride (), Kevin Kaufmann ()

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