Unfurling: The Old L.A. Zoo

$15    |  Jun 8, 2024  |  7:00PM - 8:00PM

Experience the enchantment of a Heidi Duckler Dance performance during the mesmerizing magic hour, as we transform into luminous pollen poufs and embark on a captivating journey through the historic ruins of the Old Zoo.

This one-night-only event is a unique collaboration between Heidi Duckler Dance and L.A.-based painter Kim West. Amidst the weathered beauty of the Old Zoo, Kim West’s installation features sculptural fabric flows, a stunning mural composed of over 2,000 handmade ceramic pieces, and an array of organic flora forms. Together, they weave a narrative of vibrant colors and whimsical exploration, celebrating the wonder of flowers and the allure of wandering.

As the soft glow of magic hour bathes the scene and the sun sets behind Bee Rock, Heidi Duckler Dance’s choreography guides phosphoric luminescent performers amidst the ruins, leading the audience on a mesmerizing journey of discovery and imagination.

Feel free to join us at 5 pm before performances begin for a picnic of refreshments available for purchase.