A Faery Hunt Amazing Adventure

Kid Friendly Activities
$15.00 per person    |  Mar 16, 2024  |  10:30AM - 11:30AM

Nickelodeon has honored A Faery Hunt with the title of "Best Children's Theater in Los Angeles!" Embark on a captivating and musical journey with us. A Faery Hunt productions are not just shows; they are engaging, immersive experiences crafted for young audiences and families, fostering creativity, imagination, and pure enjoyment.

In the realm of childhood, we believed in the enchantment of magic, sensing something hidden, benevolent, beautiful, and brimming with goodness in our hearts. If you share these memories, you might have glimpsed Faeryland. Join us on this delightful musical adventure where you'll encounter faeries, whimsical creatures, and perhaps even Faery Royalty!

Feel free to come dressed in costume, as many children do. Additionally, wings, wands, and CDs featuring Faery Music from the shows are available for purchase on-site at prices ranging from $5 to $10. Tailored for ages 2-9, and suitable for both girls and boys, this experience promises joy for the entire family! We extend a warm welcome to groups and children's birthday parties, making every celebration extra special.

Purchase tickets at https://afaeryhunt.com/shop/
More info: 818-324-6802; deb@afaeryhunt.com