WANT: Donuts LOVE: Los Angeles

Collect all 10 special dineL.A. donuts from June 1-30, 2018
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If Los Angeles were a donut, what would it look like? Find out during the dineL.A. Donut Trek, a month-long event that runs June 1 through June 30 and celebrates some of L.A.’s best local donut shops. Each shop is serving a special dineL.A. donut. Collect all 10 and enjoy them all!

Birdies - Not So Mini Gold Donut

Chef Jason Harley combines donuts and fried chicken at Birdies, his fast-casual DTLA café. He’s going all-out for the dineL.A. Donut Trek, serving Not So Mini Gold Donuts - supple chocolate cake rings filled with strawberry jam and Nutella. Luxurious flourishes include a Dom Perignon Champagne glaze and a coating of shimmering (and edible) 24-karat gold leaf. Call 24 hours in advance to reserve one of the limited edition donuts, which cost $45 apiece.

Blinkie’s Donuts - Avocado Donut

Teresa Ngo has run Blinkie’s Donuts in a Woodland Hills strip mall since 2002. Even though Blinkie’s is best known for classic raised and old-fashioned donuts, they’re hardly standing pat. She and father Hugh continue to innovate based on culinary experiences they have in L.A. For the dineL.A. Donut Trek, Blinkie’s created a raised donut sporting avocado glaze that’s drizzled with sweet condensed milk.

Bob's Coffee & Donuts

Bob’s Coffee & Doughnuts - Maple Bacon Bar

Bob’s Coffee & Doughnuts is an institution at The Original Farmers Market from Bob Tusquellas, who also runs Tusquellas Fish & Oyster Bar. He practically grew up at the market, working at his family’s meat market. He’s owned the donut shop since 1970. For each donut, Tusquellas convenes a committee with his wife, two daughters, and two grandchildren. Each new donut addition has to be unanimous. For the dineL.A. Donut Trek, they tested over 10 different bacon toppings before green-lighting a smoky maple bacon bar that’s “the best of LA - salty and sweet - just like our great city!”

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Matchata Donut at Café Dulce for dineL.A. Donut Trek

Café Dulce - Matchata Donut

James Choi has been on the cutting edge of L.A.’s coffee and donut movements, starting with the first Café Dulce in Japanese Village Plaza in Little Tokyo, and now at USC Village in University Park. For dineL.A. Donut Trek, Dulce incorporated two of the world’s great beverages into their glaze: matcha and horchata. Since L.A. is a melting pot, and Choi loves L.A., they honor the city’s Asian and Latino populations atop a raised donut at the same time.

USC Village: 3096 McClintock Ave Ste 1420, Los Angeles 90007

California Donuts - Orange Creamsicle Donut

Any Angeleno who likes food and has spent time on Instagram should be familiar with California Donuts. This family-run, 24/7 donut window in K-town has a ravenous social media following, with nearly 450,000 followers at last check. Creative donuts include panda donuts with faces crafted from Oreo shards. They’re also a go-to source for lifestyle bloggers looking to create custom donuts. For the dineL.A. Donut Trek, they developed an orange creamsicle donut topped with a generous dollop of whipped dream.

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Hollywood Star Donuts at DK's Donuts for dineL.A. Donut Trek

DK’s Donuts - Hollywood Star Donut

Lee and Kong Tao founded DK’s Donuts in 1981 after fleeing the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. Daughter Mayly and brother Sean now run this 24/7 shop with a pink candy-stripe sign, tiny yellow tables, and orange stools. The name references the original franchise owner’s initials. For the dineL.A. Donut Trek, Mayly made a pink raised donut with a gold star that mirrors the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Donut Farm - L.A. Sunset Donut

In 2016, Josh Levine launched the 100% vegan Donut Farm in Silver Lake. The brand preaches health and compassion, using raised and cake donuts to deliver the message. Their L.A. Sunset creation for dineL.A. Donut Trek captures the dramatic sunsets visible from the Sunset Boulevard shop. A pink pomegranate glaze is a bold canvas for blue sprinkles that represent the water and sky.

Primo’s Donuts - Sea Salted Caramel Buttermilk Bar

Primo’s Donuts is a freeway-friendly classic in the Westdale micro-neighborhood that dates to 1956. Ralph Primo maintains quality and traditions at the corner shop, serves recognizable rings like blueberry cake, jelly-filled, and cinnamon crunch. For dineL.A. Donut Trek, they sprinkle substantial caramel buttermilk bars with Jacobsen sea salt.

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Gold-dusted glazed donut at Randy's Donuts for dineL.A. Donut Trek

Randy’s Donuts - Gold-Dusted Glazed Donut

The iconic giant donut sign has been a sweet beacon to millions of people who have driven by Randy’s Donuts travelling to or from LAX since 1953. After six decades in business, the brand finally expanded, starting at Westfield Century City. For dineL.A. Donut Trek, they’re also serving a gilded donut. Their glazed donut with gold sprinkles “resembles the gold and glitter of Hollywood and in particular the Academy Awards.”

Westfield Century City: 10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Century City 90067

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Mango chile donut at Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts for dineL.A. Donut Trek

Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts - Mango Chile Donut

Beloved onscreen badass Danny Trejo teamed with Ash Shah and Jeff Georgino on a series of cantinas and taquerias, but Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts in Hollywood is their most enticing location. The corner shop with pastel pink coat features a painting of their patron saint along Santa Monica Boulevard. For dineL.A. Donut Trek, Trejo’s offers a raised donut with mango glaze, chile powder, Maldon sea salt, paprika, and lime zest. The chef balances sweet, spicy, and sour flavors in tribute to the Baby Lucas powdered candy.