The Dining Guide to Atwater Village

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Momed Atwater Village | Instagram by @atmomed

The eclectic Atwater Village dining scene offers a wide range of flavors and price points. Head down to Los Feliz and Glendale Boulevards for the most options, ranging from budget-friendly snacks to more upscale, sit-down dinners. You'll find international favorites - Indian curries, Salvadoran pupusas, Armenian chicken - as well American classics in the restaurants that line Atwater Village streets. There are a lot of new, hip flavors to try too, like the out-of-the-ordinary ice cream selection at Wanderlust or the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern fusion dishes at Momed and Dune. Be forewarned: It's hard to eat just one meal in Atwater Village.

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Image courtesy of Atwater Village Tavern, Facebook

Atwater Village Tavern

Atwater Village Tavern has drink specials throughout the week, but Monday is Happy Hour all day and that means very good prices on their excellent, rotating selection of beers. The Glendale Boulevard gastropub serves up bites big and small to go with your drinks. Try the avocado fries, served on a bed of tortilla chips, with carne asada topping.

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Open faced falafel sandwich at Dune | Instagram by @dune_la

Dune - Atwater Village

Dune is one of those restaurants, even if you've heard about it from countless people, you might miss it. This Glendale Boulevard joint is very small and it's easy to walk right past it as you're passing through the lunch or dinner crowd on this busy, restaurant-packed street. But Dune is well worth seeking out. The menu is pan-Middle Eastern-meets-Angeleno, with favorites like tabbouleh and the ubiquitous avocado toast. There's a take on the shawarma sandwich made with fried chicken, as well as lighter fare with a snack-friendly menu that includes items like dates and "spiced almonds and olives."

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Chile relleno de carne at El Buen Gusto | Photo by Liz Ohanesian

El Buen Gusto

This spacious Salvadoran restaurant has an ample menu loaded with specialties from the Central American nation. Pupusas are represented with a variety of fillings, but the fare goes beyond this popular dish. Chile relleno de carne (pork-stuffed pepper served with rice, beans, salad, handmade tortillas) is definitely a must-try.

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Mr. G’s Italian, Pepper Steak, Garlic Herb Roasted Turkey subs at Giamela's Atwater Village | Instagram by @giamelas

Giamela's Atwater Village

Looking for something to grab and go? Then stop by Giamela's. Opened in 1964, this small Italian restaurant is old school down to the checkered tablecloths. While they serve a variety of dishes including pizzas and pastas, the submarine sandwiches are the way to go when you need to pick up something fast. Best known for their pepper steak sub, the Italian Cold Cuts is hearty, satisfying and the perfect lunch for anyone planning to picnic in the area.

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Vegetarian combo plates at India Sweets & Spices in Atwater Village | Instagram by @strommeninc

India Sweets & Spices

You can inhale the aromas of India Sweets & Spices from the sidewalk, and if you happen to be strolling past this market on an empty stomach, the fragrant breeze is likely to make you very hungry. Part of a Southern California chain, the flagship location of India Sweets & Spices sells everything from groceries to DVDs, but the restaurant alone is a big draw. The combination plates include a variety of curries, including vegan-friendly ones, at low prices and make for a very filling meal. They also carry a fine assortment of desserts and snacks for those on the go. The spicy cashews are hot, tangy and absolutely addictive.

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Momed Atwater Village | Instagram by @atmomed

Momed Atwater Village

Tucked into the side streets of Atwater Village, Momed isn't the easiest place to find, but seek it out for their avocado hummus as this Mediterranean-California fusion is easily addictive. Make sure you're thirsty for grown-up drinks, too - their cocktail selection is ample and the limoncello is a tart and refreshing treat.

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Kebabs at Sepan Chicken | Instagram by @sugarbeary

Sepan Chicken

There's more than just chicken at this Atwater Village Armenian restaurant. Sepan Chicken is a must for fans of kebab - from shish to lule, the skewered meats are flavorful and arrive on plates overflowing with sides like roasted tomatoes, rice and hummus. Those who love their chicken served with fluffy white garlic sauce will not be disappointed either.

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Breakfast burrito at Tacos Villa Corona | Instagram by @shasarna

Tacos Villa Corona

Tacos Villa Corona is a closet-sized space squeezed between the storefronts of Glendale Boulevard. While their name boasts tacos, they're actually well-known for their breakfast burritos. The shop, which is only open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., packs eggs, potatoes and your choice of extra fillings inside tortillas for the crowd that hovers around its window. The burritos are fairly inexpensive and are big enough to keep you going for much of the day. Note: Tacos Villa Corona is cash only.

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Photo courtesy of The Tam O'Shanter, Facebook

The Tam O'Shanter

The Tam O'Shanter is a slice of old school Los Angeles on a hip boulevard. The Scottish-themed restaurant was opened in 1922 by Lawrence Frank and Walter Van de Kamp (they later founded Lawry's the Prime Rib) and there's a lot of history between its dark wood walls. Walt Disney and his animators were regulars - his favorite table was #31, right by the fireplace and commemorated by a plaque. Today, you can order classic Scottish and American dishes at "The Tam," from haggis to the famed prime rib dinner. There's also the Ale & Sandwich Bar, featuring hand-carved sandwiches and rotating drafts, weekday happy hour from 4 to 7 p.m., and live music on Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m.

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Photo courtesy of The Village Bakery and Cafe, Facebook

The Village Bakery and Cafe

The Village Bakery and Cafe gets pretty full during the brunch rush and their breakfast and lunch menus are available throughout the day. The bakery is chock full of goodies. Their sourdough bread is the perfect combination of crisp crust and soft innards and the Mexican chocolate cookies tickle the tongue in a way familiar to gingerbread lovers.

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Wanderlust Creamery in Atwater Village | Photo by Liz Ohanesian

Wanderlust Creamery

Stop by Wanderlust Creamery on a warm evening and you might find a line inside the Atwater Village ice cream parlor. Don't worry, this cold treat is well worth the wait. Inspired by far-flung locations and L.A.'s own international mix of cultures, the flavors here range from familiar (Abuelita Malted Crunch) to exotic (Honey Lavender). Heaping scoops can be packed into your choice of a brown butter or ube cone, plus there is a variety of unusual toppings for those with an adventurous sweet tooth. Wanderlust has both standard and seasonal flavors. Plus, they offer A Flight Around the World, which features 14 choices from the menu.