The Best Pancakes in Los Angeles

Blueberry pancakes | Photo courtesy of Blu Jam Café, Facebook

While Los Angeles may be known for its accessibility to celebrities, beautiful sunsets, the Walk of Fame, scenic hiking trails, crafty museums, and gorgeous Angelenos, L.A. is surprisingly also known for its pancakes. As a pancake aficionado, I have certainly experienced my fair share of flopjacks. That said, the City of Angels has some of the best pancakes in the nation. Read on for the best pancakes in L.A.

Green Tea Monster pancakes at Bea Bea's | Photo by Joshua Lurie

Bea Bea’s

When glancing at the menu and attempting to choose from one of the 21 (!) pancake options (Bea Bea’s automatically gets major pancake – er, brownie – points for this alone), I already knew I’d be returning to review the pancakes I missed. While some of my faves include the Summer’s Dream, Pink Ribbon and Just for You Pumpkin, Kim Coles from In Living Color went for the Pooh’s Surprise during our review. As if this brunch spot couldn’t get more perfect, Bea Bea’s allows you to make any of the pancake options gluten free.

Blueberry pancakes | Photo courtesy of Blu Jam Café, Facebook

Blu Jam Café Hollywood

Melrose hotspot Blu Jam Café has only one pancake option on their menu, but fortunately for them it’s worth the visit! As Full House star Jodie Sweetin says, “These pancakes are very fluffy, and the blueberries are really fresh, not tart.” Overall, the pancakes taste like Mom’s homemade pancakes: fluffy, fresh, and refreshing. And I’m sure the “milkman and paperboy” would plug them on evening TV.

Jacks N Joe

My twist on the slogan for this restaurant would be “Jacks N Jumping at These Pancake Options.” With names like Pudgie Elvis, Hula Girl, WTF, and Fight On, give yourself a few extra minutes to decide on a pancake. Re-looking at this delicious drizzle of peanut butter over powdered sugar, fresh bananas, and fluffy pancakes, the Pudgie Elvis automatically receives 5 stacks – er, stars.

Jinky's Cafe - Santa Monica

Jinky’s Café prides itself as a fusion of American, southwestern, and international flavors, and has pancake options I’ve never seen before (i.e. Tropical Pancakes, Oaty Oaty Cakes, and Caramel Crème Pancakes). After the first bite of my breakfast, I was smiling ear to ear - the Banana Chocolate Chip Cakes are a wonderful way to say “Good morning, sunshine.” Luckily for you Valley residents, there are Jinky's locations in Sherman Oaks and Studio City.


Toast Bakery Cafe on West 3rd St. was one of my first pancake reviews, and with its divine tastiness, this restaurant sure set the batter – er, bar – high. Toast has options ranging from Banana Chocolate Chip (one of my faves), to Multi-Grain, Cinnamon Walnut, and Tri-Berry Pancakes. And besides, what better than to treat Jonathan Badeen, the co-founder of the dating app Tinder (which by definition is “dry, flammable material, such as wood or paper, used for lighting a fire”) for a pancake breakfast at a place called Toast?