We ♥ Los Angeles and all that it has to offer. Our goal is to provide you with true insight in to the incredible cities within LA LA Land, to give you an experience you won’t forget.

LA Stories provides a variety of Authentic, Fun and Immersive Sightseeing Tours that are far removed from anything else out there. Whether you're a 'Grammer' looking for new content among the Street Art, Selfies , Coffee and Couture of Melrose Avenue, or a Traveler keen to discover the epic History and evolution of Rock Stars, Movie Stars and Gangsters on The Sunset Strip, we have the perfect experience for you. Wanna go VIP? No problem. We can even create a tour from scratch, just for you!

Local? Then this is EXACTLY where you should take your out of town visitors. You'll even discover new things about what's on your doorstep. Visiting Los Angeles? Then this is the only way to see the city... up close and personal, with incredible stories, beautiful photo opportunities and awesome, knowledgeable and most importantly, entertaining tour guides.

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9 am to 5 pm Daily

The LA Stories Experience

This Experience is like no other in L.A.

Los Angeles is so much more than Hollywood. On this epic journey, we will discover the true pulse of Los Angeles, from Famous sights, Historic locations, Movie Stars, Rock Stars and Gangster, to Street art, Selfies, Coffee and Couture. You'll be amazed by the incredible stories we have to tell.

Just Imagine floating down Rodeo Drive in the glorious California sun, eating your boutique cupcake (Yeah they're included) while discovering the secrets of Beverly Hills and keeping an eye out for A-listers, Or standing in the heart of an epic movie location, with the soundtrack playing as you learn the real and shocking behind the scenes stories. You won't get this on any other Tour or experience.

Not to mention the fact that this unique experience is carefully choreographed to an awesome soundtrack that will keep your feet tapping the whole time and actually make you feel something!

Sightseeing isn't about pointing at a building for you to take a photo, it's an engaging, personal experience, which is what we create. We also get off our Luxurious bus regularly, to deep dive in to some of the most Famous, Historical, Interesting and Surprising locations throughout Hollywood, West Hollywood, Sunset BLVD, Melrose Ave and Beverly Hills. You'll be immersed in to these incredible neighborhoods so you can see LA the right way. This Tour really is like no other!

LA is also one of the most popular locations on social media, which is why you will also get to experience some of the world's top Instagrammable spots, including the Angel Wings, Pink Wall, Made in LA wall, Greystone mansion, and Griffith Park (Incl. The Hollywood Sign) to name but a few.

This is a family friendly tour that appeals to anyone that is looking for something Different, Fun, Interactive and Engaging. Whether you are on vacation, a 'Grammer looking to create incredible new content or a local that wants to discover what's really on their doorstep, this is the experience for you.

Start your LA Story with us.

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