A New Golden Age for the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

A Hollywood Star Continues to Shine
Tropicana Pool | Photo courtesy of Hollywood Roosevelt, Facebook

To you, Hollywood is more than a place, it’s a shrine, steeped in motion picture lore and the heady perfume of Golden Age glamour. That’s why you love to stay at The Hollywood Roosevelt, the opulent hotel where the romantic spirit of Golden Age Hollywood envelopes you the moment you step through its gilded doors.

There’s something mysteriously seductive about the Roosevelt, which opened in May 1927 and is the oldest continually operating hotel in Los Angeles. You can’t take your eyes off the coffered ceiling of the lobby, the three-tiered fountain under the hotel’s original chandelier, the beautifully-tiled terra-cotta stairs to the mezzanine, the pool painted by David Hockney—seriously, you could Instagram this place for hours.

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Named after President Theodore Roosevelt, the 12-story hotel was financed by luminaries of the silver screen—MGM studio head Louis B. Mayer, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Sid Grauman. The hotel's restored Blossom Ballroom hosted the first ever Academy Awards ceremony on May 26, 1929. The Penthouse Suite is named for Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, who used to stay there for five dollars a night.

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Marilyn Monroe is your all-time favorite blonde bombshell, so naturally you’ve booked yourself into Suite 1200, the poolside cabana when she lived at the Roosevelt for two years. You make a mental note to stay at Room 928 on Valentine’s Day, because that’s where Montgomery Clift lived for three months in 1953 while filming From Here to Eternity.

Clearly, the Roosevelt satisfies your craving for period grandeur—but its spacious vaulted rooms, fresh from a $25-million renovation by Yabu Pushelberg, also meet your high modern standards. Think Maison Martin Margiela blankets and towels, luxurious beds and sofas, grandiose showers with rainfall heads, and huge flat screen TVs.

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You breakfast at the Tropicana Cafe by the famous pool (scene of many a late-night party) before stepping out onto the Walk of Fame. You’re right in the heart of the action, across the street from the TCL Chinese theatre (there’s Brad Pitt, hanging out on the red carpet at the premiere of his latest film), and next door is the Dolby Theatre, home of the Oscars, in the heart of Hollywood & Highland (hi, Sephora, Victoria’s Secret and Forever 21!). A short walk away there’s the Egyptian Theatre, the legendary Musso & Frank Grill and the Pantages Theatre - and you also make a note to visit the glorious Hollywood Farmer’s Market on Sunday.

You’re spoiled with dining options in this part of town—you’ve heard great things about the acclaimed Gwen, the new Beauty and Essex, seafood mecca The Hungry Cat and the landmark Yamashiro.

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The Rosy Oyster | Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Roosevelt, Facebook

But you're excited about the Roosevelt - its two restaurants (the glamorous brasserie Public Kitchen and 24-hour upscale diner, 25 Degrees), four bars (The Spare Room gaming parlour with its own bowling alley; the lobby level Library Bar; the Tropicana Bar overlooking the pool) and the new poolside hideaway, The Rosy Oyster - so you head back to the hotel and make some Hollywood history of your own.

7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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