Thought Experiments in F# Minor

Cardiff Miller
Mar 1, 2019 - 2024  |  10:00AM - 2:00PM

Video Walk of Walt Disney Concert Hall by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller


Using an iPad Mini and pair of headphones, Thought Experiments in F# Minor leads its audiences along a route through Walt Disney Concert Hall, revealing an imagined world hiding in plain sight.


Created by acclaimed multi-media artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller and featuring Los Angeles Philharmonic musicians, Thought Experiments asks viewers to follow a film recorded in the past along the same route they are traversing in the present. Made using binaural microphones, which create a three-dimensional sound experience, and edited to create a sense of continuous motion, the fictional world of the film blends seamlessly with the reality of the architecture and body in motion. The perceptive confusion is deepened by Cardiff's hypnotic voice and dream-like narrative elements.


This 40-minute video walk will be available during the same hours as the Music Center's self-guided tour of Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Please check the Music Center's schedule for days and times:


The video walk begins in the Grand Avenue Lobby of Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.


Created by

Yuval Sharon, curator

Members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic

Paolo Bortolameolli, conductor



Ellen REID: #Bang huM oFFice ruin (LA Phil commission)

REVUELTAS: Sensemayá

BACH: Fugue in F# Minor

LUTOSŁAWSKI: Symphony No. 1: Allegro vivace


Sarah Beaty, soprano

Lucinda Carver, harpsichord

Nathan Cole, violin

Joseph Pereira, percussion

Bing Wang, violin



Danielle Agami choreographer

Alex Quetell dancer

Jobel Medina dancer



Jena Malone, cat and composer

Lem Jay Ignacio, composer's friend

Natalie Galdamez, ear

Louisa Abernathy, Lanisa Fredrick, and Jack Landron, family in lobby

Olivia Cordell, Alex Fox, Eddy Munoz, car park

Cindy Fernandez-Nixon, woman in garden on phone

Aradhana Cardiff Miller, Sky Gray, Jessie Gray, Tika Jonnum, Samantha Seydor, children



Bradley Rust Gray, mise en scène

Emma Kingsbury, costume designer

Erica Frohmdahl, costume coordinator

Andrew Lynford, casting services

Alex Rehberger, stage manager

Luisa Rodriguez, production assistant