What’s New Pussycat – The Tom Jones Legacy

Tom Jones Tribute
$20 - $30    |  Feb 22, 2025  |  8:00PM - 10:00PM

What’s New Pussycat - The Tom Jones Legacy has garnered acclaim from audiences and critics alike. Tino Macchia, the show’s creator and performer has been touring to over 30 years, singing the great classics of pop and the American Songbook… but always found his true passion when performing the songs of the ultimate showman, Sir Tom Jones.

Growing up in a household where Tom Jones music was playing all the time, his influence helped create Tino’s vocal sound; Tom was his early vocal teacher.

When Tino performs his songs, he is not trying to look like Tom Jones or imitate his voice; he naturally sounds like Tom Jones and captures his essence. “I give the audience my love of Sir Tom Jones and my passion about the man as an artist”.