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SUNBREAK an original play

SUNBREAK an original play
$25    |  Jul 18, 2024  |  8:00PM - 9:00PM

On the day of their mother's funeral, two sisters are forced to reconcile their differences as they prepare to sell their childhood home.

Sunbreak is written and directed by Jonathan Goetzman, and produced in partnership with Bella Balsamo (Madeline). Sunbreak stars Bella Balsamo and Melany Smith.

For Madeline and Dylan, the love between sisters is an unbreakable bond, yet also a bleeding wound. Is it ever repaired or does the cut grow deeper as you push on through life? Do you learn to live with it or do you let the pain drag you into darkness? Madeline and Dylan attempt to heal by sitting in the discomfort of their past lives. Open your heart, open your mind, embrace the love, and embrace the light as we search for the sun peeking through the clouds.