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Gil Scott-Heron Bluesology Presented by Inner City Cultural Center II

$20    |  Jun 8, 2024  |  4:00PM - 4:45PM

Gia Scott-Heron and Poets Jazz House, a power source of spoken word artists captivate audiences, spitting the powerful intensity of truth with messages from a visionary and the thought provoking rhythms that made Gil Scott-Heron a world renown influential legend. Still prevalent today are the timeless and classic words of Gil Scott-Heron; considered the GODFATHER OF RAP because his music reflects the turbulence, uncertainty and increasing pessimism of the times, with a satirical edge told in the tradition of oral poetry and storytelling. Join us…we’ll spark your soul and shake up your emotions when Gia Scott-Heron and Poets Jazz House spoken word artists ignite the flames of an American Hero in Gil Scott-Heron Bluesology…it’s FIRE, its YESTERDAY, IT’S TODAY, IT’S NOW!!! 
Poets Jazz House is a Spoken Word & Music Lounge where spilling your heart is an art and searching your soul is mandatory to get in the door. The ensemble cast includes: Gia Scott-Heron, Conney Williams, Lorenzo Frank, Clent Bowers, Yawo Watts, Artus Mansoir, Tuesday Conner and The Oracle aka Denise Lyles-Cook, Directed by Lynne Conner. Created and Produced by the International Award Winning Writer, Filmmaker & Poet, Tuesday Conner. 
Dates & Show Times: Saturday, June 8 - 4pm; Sunday, June 16 - 5pm; Sunday, June 23 - 6pm; Wednesday, June 26 - 8:30pm; Friday, June 28 - 7pm @ The Hudson Theatre, 6539 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, CA  90038
Tickets: $20-$50 which includes a Pre-Show Meet & Greet.
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