The Best dineL.A. Restaurants for a Girls' Night Out

Top 10 restaurants to have a fab dineL.A. dinner with your besties
Girls' night out at Cleo L.A. LIVE | Instagram by @cleorestaurant

When it comes to a night out with the girls, the 10th anniversary dineL.A. is the perfect reason to enjoy dinner with your besties. Whether you indulge at an elegant steakhouse, enjoy dinner with cocktails on a charming patio, or taste fresh bites from a variety of global cuisines, there’s the perfect setting for you and your girlfriends in neighborhoods across Los Angeles. Read on for ten of our favorite places for a girls' night out during dineL.A.

Spanish fried chicken at a.o.c. | Instagram by @stella.yeo


A girls’ night out doesn’t get more classic than at a.o.c., L.A.’s original wine bar (opened in 2002 and at its current location since 2012) with fantastic, zesty fare by James Beard Award winning chef Suzanne Goin paired with wines selected by award-winning sommelier Caroline Styne. Snack on the cheese plate and well-known Spanish fried chicken before moving on to one of the main courses such as polenta, lamb skewers or grilled hanger steak. The dineL.A. wine pairing is just $20 extra - perfect for enjoying with your four courses and friends at the bar, in the rustic dining room, or out on the tree-lined, foliage-covered brick patio.

The Arthur J

Dining rooms don’t achieve Mid-Century modern elegance better than at The Arthur J, the Manhattan Beach steakhouse gem known for impressive cuts. They’re served with not only an additional topping such as foie gras, blue crab or truffles, but a variety of vibrant and umami-laden dipping sauces. It’s the perfect place to come hungry with your girlfriends as it’s also good bang for your dineL.A. Exclusive Series buck. 

The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker

Set in the heart of Sunset Plaza on the Boulevard, the bright, yellow-trimmed dining room of The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker is worth a visit for dineL.A. dinner - especially for your gluten-free and vegan friends, since there are options every step of the way. You’ll enjoy four courses of classic California fare inside the incredibly bright and charming, white dining room flanked by plush, canary yellow booths.

Gelatos and sorbettos at Cal Mare | Instagram by @wonhophoto

Cal Mare

The newly revamped shopping mall might warrant a trip to the Beverly Center, but Cal Mare itself is reason enough. Thanks to its meticulously sourced seafood and Chef Adam Sobel’s fine technique, the food coming out of the large open kitchen is the closest you’ll get to the Amalfi Coast while sitting in a dining room chair. The centralized bar and open concept dining room with fireplace adorning the outdoor patio are all beautifully appointed with teal tinged nautical themes, providing the perfect backdrop for your girls’ night out.

Girls' night out at Cleo Hollywood | Instagram by @cleorestaurant


Now with three L.A. locations to choose from, Cleo can be enjoyed in the heart of Hollywood, Downtown L.A. or on Third Street at The Orlando Hotel. Coordinate with your girlfriends to order a wide variety of mezze (small Mediterranean plates), available on the menu to accommodate your party so that everyone has a taste of everything. The entrees are also great, including filet mignon with salmon kabob, saffron chicken tagine and garlic shrimp - all enjoyable within the luxurious, richly-hued dining room.


Enjoy an Italian dinner on the Sunset Strip with your friends at Estrella, which just underwent a remodel and thus makes it the perfect time to visit the beautifully re-appointed space. Start off with the cheese or salumi plate, mozzarella and prosciutto and share with everyone at the table. You might not want to share your entree, however - a choice of house-made gnocchi, half rotisserie chicken and grilled octopus - all by Chef Mirko Paderno, whose cooking has been long adored by diners all around Los Angeles.


One of the more inexpensive but delicious dinner options can be found at Inotheke, located on Broadway in the heart of Santa Monica. The best part is that its menu of small, Mediterranean plates with a SoCal sensibility is perfect for sharing with your group of friends, so that everyone can easily get a taste of everything on the dineL.A. menu. Combined with its well curated wine list and cheerful interior, Inotheke is the perfect destination for a casual but satisfying supper.

Mikkeller DTLA

With one of the most affordable menu offerings, Mikkeller is a great pub for you and your beer-loving girlfriends to try during dineL.A., featuring not only a choice of their coveted burger, but a complimentary pour of their SD Beer. Whether you dine at the communal high tops, the bar, or at a table in the wood paneled dining room, this Danish original with its artistic design sensibilities is the perfect situation for a casual night out.

Spago Beverly Hills

There’s no better time than dineL.A. to revisit the flagship restaurant of L.A.’s culinary godfather, Spago by Wolfgang Puck. Though the tasting menu option is in the Exclusive Series and the entire table is required to partake, course after course of whimsically constructed bites - six, to be exact - make the $125 pricing more than worth it. There’s also a choice of six entrees touting a wide variety of global influences, including handmade agnolotti, herb tamale with oxtail, braised pork belly in gamjatang soup, and more, at the center of your meal, putting any doubts about this long-standing institution of fine dining to rest.

Should you and your friends wish to make cocktails the center of your night out, Westbound - with its dark woods, deep green hues, elegant crown moldings and coppertop bar - is the perfect destination. Start off with some snacks such as pickles, shishito peppers and chickpea artichoke fritters before moving on to the main event, which is either boneless short rib or Mary’s chicken over spaetzle. But the most important part - the cocktails - isn’t on the dineL.A. menu, so save room for those tasty libations when you head towards the Arts District.