Discover the Best Asian Restaurants in Los Angeles

From mom and pops to five-star dining experiences

Pork & shrimp xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung Westfield Century City | Instagram by @_hungrybabe_

Home to some of the largest Asian cultural enclaves outside of their native countries, Los Angeles is second to none when it comes to delicious Asian food. Restaurants across LA serve an endless variety of Asian cuisines, from recipes handed down through generations, to modern interpretations of classic dishes. Whether you're ordering takeout from a mom and pop, or dining in style at a high-end restaurant, read on for some of the best Asian restaurants in LA.

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Chengdu Taste | Instagram by @donutcaper


Los Angeles is widely regarded as a culinary mecca for Chinese cuisine. Although the best Chinese restaurants are mostly concentrated in the Chinese enclaves of the San Gabriel Valley, there are many more throughout LA, from historic Chinatown to the San Fernando Valley and the South Bay. Read on for the best Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles neighborhoods.

XO pancit at LASA
XO pancit at LASA  |  Photo: Joshua Lurie


Filipino food has long been the neglected stepchild of the Asian food world, but the cuisine, which varies by region and reflects Spanish influences absorbed during nearly 400 years of colonialism, has plenty of flavor to spare. Discover 11 of the best Filipino dining options throughout LA that are part of a growing Filipino Food Movement.

Combo Plate at Jus' Poke
Jus' Poke | Photo by Zach Brooks


Ask us where our favorite poke place in LA is and we'll likely answer "Whichever poke place is closest to you." Today there are versions of Hawaii's take on ceviche in practically every part of the city. Ahi tuna, soy sauce, sesame oil, seaweed and sesame seeds are the constant, along with adding avocado for a few bucks. At newer places you're also likely to find kale, kelp noodles, spicy edamame and coconut flakes tossed in sauces made from sriracha, ponzu or miso. Whether it’s new or old, traditional or modern, there's a poke for everyone.

Bombay Palace Beverly Hills Indian Food
Bombay Palace  |  Photo: Joshua Lurie


India is a country with more than 1.25 billion people, which is approximately four times as many people as the U.S. squeezed into an area that’s about one-third as large. The world’s second most populous country squeezes a lot of citizens into 29 states and seven union territories, giving rise to regional culinary variation. Thankfully, some of that range extends to Indian Americans in LA. Discover 10 of the most interesting Indian restaurants across LA. County.

Sushi Gen
Sushi Gen | Photo: Sushi Gen


The LA sushi trend started in the San Fernando Valley during the ’80s, and for decades Los Angeles has continued to dominate this arena, attracting the best sushi talent in America. It doesn’t hurt that we have access to some of the best fish markets in the country. Surprisingly, you don’t have to spend top dollar for the best sushi in LA - you just need to know where to go. Here are 12 of our top sushi picks for value.

Galbi jjim at Olympic Cheonggukjang | Photo by Joshua Lurie
Galbi jjim at Olympic Cheonggukjang | Photo by Joshua Lurie  |  Photo: Joshua Lurie


In Korean and Korean American culture, special occasions and celebrations call for galbi. Short ribs - frequently beef, but possibly pork - are braised, grilled, steamed, shredded and more, with delicious results. Read on and discover 10 of the best Korean galbi dishes in Los Angeles.

Pad See Ew at Sanamluang in Thai Town
Pad See Ew at Sanamluang  |  Photo: Joshua Lurie


Thai Town technically encompasses Hollywood Boulevard between Normandie and Western Avenues, and the neighborhood officially came to be in 1999, but plenty of enticing dining options fall just beyond those borders. Learn about 15 of the better dining options within (and just beyond) Thai Town’s borders.

Super Sized Pho #1 at Viet Huong
Super Sized Pho #1 at Viet Huong | Photo: @fsun24


Pho has been around for a century and is indisputably the national dish of Vietnam. A good pho takes hours to make - beef bones and parts are simmered under low heat to obtain a rich, complex flavor. Whether you're a fan of Northern or Southern style, read on for some of the best places to get your pho fix in Los Angeles.