Wall of aliases by Invader at "Into the White Cube"

Pixel Power: Invader in Los Angeles


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Since then, he has “invaded” L.A. ten times, placing art on every letter of the Hollywood Sign, and as of this post, has over 200 pieces hiding in plain sight. Despite being an important part of 2011’s Art in the Streets at MOCA and most recently L.A.’s incarnation of the Beyond the Streets survey, Invader has just opened his first solo show here in L.A. in 13 years at Over the Influence Gallery in the Arts District. Into the White Cube is now on view through Dec. 23, 2018.

“Pope of Broadway” by Eloy Torrez

Latino Heritage in Los Angeles: Murals


Ron Dollete

Murals are a city's urban canvas, expressing the history, concerns and aspirations of a community. Though they are susceptible to weather, vandalism and decay, murals are also freely visible and open for all to enjoy. For generations, Los Angeles has been renowned as one of the world’s great mural capitals. Latino artists and their culture are an integral part of the city’s mural heritage. You can travel between multicultural neighborhoods and view murals as if they’re on display in the wings of a vast, concrete museum. Here are ten exemplary pieces to discover throughout L.A.

Downtown L.A. Art Walk

The Guide to Los Angeles Art Walks


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From Downtown L.A.'s thriving art scene to Venice's longstanding funkiness to San Pedro's eclectic collections near the Port of Los Angeles, local art walks give both locals and visitors an opportunity to get the true flavor of a community, not to mention a much-needed art fix.