3 Days of Astrological LA

Zodiac Chandelier at the Central Library in DTLA
Zodiac Chandelier at the Central Library in DTLA | Photo: Los Angeles Public Library, Facebook

As the song says, Los Angeles is the "City of Stars" - especially for the signs of the Zodiac! LA has something for every personality - adrenaline junkie Aries, life of the party Leo, humanitarian Aquarius, nature lover Virgo, spiritual Pisces, and more. This horoscope calls for three days of fun and adventure, so read on for your astrological guide to LA.

NOTE: Hours and opening dates change frequently. Check individual websites for updated information.

Day 1

Naturally the Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) will enjoy this coastal itinerary, but there's plenty to do for the whole Zodiac. Solstice Canyon is perfect for nature lover Virgo and eco-friendly Aquarius can volunteer for a beach cleanup. The Self Realization Fellowship Shrine is ideal for Libra, who is always seeking harmony and balance. Sagittarius will love wandering The Strand while family-oriented Cancer and history buff Capricorn tour Battleship IOWA. Thrill-seekers Aries and Gemini will race each other in the latest Porsches. Taurus can indulge their appetite and Leo will be the life of the party.

Solstice Canyon
Solstice Canyon

Virgos love nature and Scorpios go off the beaten path.

Primary image for Self-Realization Fellowship
Self-Realization Fellowship

Perfect for spiritual Pisces and Libras seeking harmony.

Heal the Bay volunteers
Heal the Bay Coastal Cleanup

Aquarians want to make the world a better place.

Santa Monica Pier   |  Photo: Joshua Johnson
Santa Monica Pier

Born travelers, Sagittarius will love biking the Strand.

Primary image for Battleship IOWA Museum
Battleship IOWA Museum

The floating museum is perfect for Cancer and Capricorn.

Primary image for Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles
Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles

No speed limits for adrenaline addicts Aries and Gemini.

World Famous Shrimp Tray at San Pedro Fish Market
San Pedro Fish Market - San Pedro

Taurus's motto is "go big or go home."

Primary image for Whiskey Red's
Whiskey Red's

That's Leo buying rounds on the massive patio.

Day 2

Today you'll climb mountains, walk through history, and end up in the clouds. Aries is always up for a hiking challenge, but stressed out Virgo and spiritual Pisces deserve a spa day. A walking tour filled with history and mystery is perfect for Capricorn and Scorpio. Art loving Libra will enjoy the California African American Museum while the Cancer family explores the CA Science Center. Humanitarian Aquarius can support local nonprofit Homeboy Bakery. Sagittarius will love exploring LA's African American cultural hub, Leimert Park. An air sign like Gemini needs to be up high, and Taurus will engage every sense at 71Above. Later on, Leo's got the next round.

Primary image for Echo Mountain via the Sam Merrill Trail
Echo Mountain via the Sam Merrill Trail

Ain't no mountain high enough for thrill-seeking Aries!

The Ritz-Carlton Spa Los Angeles
The Ritz-Carlton Spa Los Angeles

Pampering for Virgo while Pisces chills poolside.

The Bradbury Building in Downtown LA
Los Angeles Conservancy

A tour with history and mystery for Capricorn and Scorpio.

Space Shuttle "Endeavour" at the California Science Center
CAAM & CA Science Center

CAAM for artsy Libra, the Space Shuttle for the Cancer fam.

Homeboy Bakery
Homeboy Bakery

Aquarians can give back by supporting this beloved cafe.

The famous drum circle at Leimert Plaza Park
Leimert Park

Sagittarians love to learn about local culture.

Primary image for Spire 73
Spire 73

An air sign like Gemini will feel right at home!

Primary image for 71Above

Earthly pleasures and stunning city views for Taurus.

Here & Now in the Arts District
Here & Now

Leo makes new friends with drinks in the Arts District.

Day 3

Day 3 has it all: movie magic and thrilling rides; stunning nature and beautiful gardens; sushi overload and a magical bookstore. The ancient rock formations of Vasquez Rocks call out to explorers like Sagittarius and Scorpio. Aries will be riding the record-breaking roller coasters of Six Flags Magic Mountain while Aquarius visits a sustainably designed Japanese garden. A family-friendly studio tour is perfect for Cancer and Capricorn. While Virgo chills out at The Huntington, Gemini seeks knowledge and Pisces searches for the meaning of life at the Iliad Bookshop. And finally, Taurus feasts on sushi, Libra takes in a movie, and Leo goes tropical.

Hiker at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area
Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park

Great for nomadic Sagittarius and mystery-hunting Scorpio.

Primary image for Japanese Garden
Japanese Garden

This eco-friendly oasis in Van Nuys is made for Aquarius.

Primary image for Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood
Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

Family friendly for Cancers and historic for Capricorns.

Japanese Garden at The Huntington Library
The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens

Virgos can find their zen in the Japanese Garden.

Primary image for Iliad Bookshop
Iliad Bookshop

Geminis love to read and Pisces can seek wisdom.

Primary image for Sushi by Scratch Restaurants
Sushi by Scratch Restaurants

A lavish 17-course omakase dinner is just right for Taurus.

Primary image for Universal Citywalk®Hollywood
Universal Cinema AMC at CityWalk Hollywood

Movie night for Libra, a patron of the arts.

Te Aho Nui dancers at Kahuna Tiki in North Hollywood
Kahuna Tiki

Of course Leo is ready for the Luau!