What’s Your Sign? An Astrological Los Angeles Experience: Libra

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

The Getty Center

There are, of course, infinite ways to explore the wonderful cosmos that is Los Angeles. From food tours to architectural journeys to those legendary “Maps of the (Movie and TV) Stars,” people have been charting their courses through our sprawling jewel of a town following the most varied interests, landmarks and stories. You could also, to paraphrase the great bohemian and jazzman Chet Baker, “get lost,” letting your feet (or your wheels, more likely) take you where they may, finding secret paths like an old-timey flâneur or flâneuse sauntering about in search of the unknown.

But you could actually split the difference between predetermined tours and rambling meanderings, and this is where Astrology (yes, Astrology) comes in handy. Whether you believe “our fate is written in the stars” or you just like to add a little pop-wisdom structure (and small talk fodder) to your decision making, check out our series of Los Angeles activities to please every sign of the Zodiac.

You can choose your own sign, take a date or a friend to the place most suitable to theirs, or get really ambitious and sample each experience on this star-struck baker’s dozen every month when the sign changes. Here at the Mystical Division of Discover Los Angeles (not an actual Division), we prophecy a stellar time will be had regardless!

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Courtyard, North and East Pavilions at the Getty Center | Photo courtesy of jaroslavd, Flickr

Libra: Getty Center

Sophistication is the name of the game for Libra (September 23 - October 22), a sign that demands the best in art, culture and objects. One ideal experience for Libra would naturally be the Getty Center (1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles 90049, (310) 440-7300), one of the city’s premier cultural institutions where old school wealth, modern architecture, renowned art and the most lavish furnishings are combined into a single landmark. Take a Libra there, and they will be taking all sort of mental notes for their aspirational lifestyle, which will make them very, very satisfied.

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Photo courtesy of Hotel Bel-Air

Libra: Hotel Bel-Air

The pampering can continue in nearby Bel-Air at the majestic Hotel Bel-Air (701 Stone Canyon Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90077, (310) 472-1211), a traditional Los Angeles 5-star establishment that is part of the Dorchester Collection. Featuring a world-class spa and a Wolfgang Puck restaurant, the Hotel Bel-Air is an ideal location for the status-conscious Libra.

University of Philosophical Research

University of Philosophical Research | Photo: @va.nessa.e, Instagram

Bonus Astrological Location for All Signs: If you want to learn more (or pretty much anything) about astrological or any other mystical matter, the library of the Philosophical Research Society/University of Philosophical Research (3910 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles 90027) in Los Feliz is open on Fridays and contains one of the most important collections of esoteric books in the world. Collected by Los Angeles scholar and mystic Manly P. Hall in the mid-20th century, the library contains many interesting and unusual volumes that will reveal everything you ever wanted to know about astrology (but maybe didn’t know where to ask).