Shop Eagle Rock!

Photo courtesy of Owl Talk, Facebook

Eagle Rock's retail scene is a must-visit for anyone looking for unusual keepsakes from your trip to Los Angeles. The neighborhood's fun and unusual collection of shops pop up in clusters on Eagle Rock and Colorado Boulevards. Here you'll find small boutiques emphasizing the local, the indie, the handmade and the vintage. Take a walk and bring your wallet. You never know what will catch your eye when you're shopping in Eagle Rock.

Acorn Eagle Rock | Instagram by @acorneaglerock


Acorn is the perfect shop to find a gift for the person who loves California gardens. You'll find small succulents and tiny cacti here, but you'll also find items that evoke the local outdoors, like L.A.-made jams and "Laurel Canyon"-scented candles. Acorn does a fine job of mixing gardening odds and ends with chic gifts to create something that's more of a boutique than a home improvement destination. They even have a gumball-style machine that dispenses seed bombs.

Comics vs. Toys | Instagram by @susanpie

Comics vs. Toys

Comics vs. Toys is a small comic book shop with a solid selection of titles. The mix of mainstream and indie-minded releases is spot-on, but as the name of this store implies, there is more than just reading material here. The toy selection includes some unusual items too. Recently, a set of Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse figures caught our attention for their fierce, and slightly intimidating, parody of children's' toys.

Photo courtesy of The Green Bean, Facebook

The Green Bean

The first thing you'll see at The Green Bean is Barry McBubble, a bubble-blowing bear statue who sits next to the front window of this children's fashion and toy shop. The Green Bean specializes in resale fashion and it's packed racks are filled with quirky items for your little rocker, like punk band onesies. In the back, you'll find the toy section, which features a nice selection of educational toys along with quirkier items like ukuleles and lava lamps.

Instagram by @shopkumquat


Kumquat is known for dressing tiny tots in simple designs that come to life with playful, brightly colored prints. The fashion line's boutique is situated in a tiny Eagle Rock Blvd. storefront that, despite its small size, is filled with loads of cute fashion for the little ones. Moreover, Kumquat stocks a small selection of non-clothing items as well. On a recent trip, we found too-cute California art prints and a set of California-centric flashcards.

Leanna Lin’s Wonderland

Lianna Lin's Wonderland is a treasure trove of adorable and on-trend gifts. If you're looking for fun enamel pins and iron-on patches to add do your denim jacket, this Eagle Rock Blvd. shop is a very good place to find them. The store stocks all sorts of whimsical items, from Choo Choo Cats stationary to Momiji dolls and is a supporter of indie artists like Genevieve Santos and L.A.-based 100% Soft. Leanna Lin's Wonderland often hosts art shows in connection with curator Hana Kim, from the art blog Supahcute. One recent group show paid tribute to Mary Blair, the mid-20th century artist whose unusually cute style can be seen on Disneyland's fame ride It's a Small World.

Owl Talk | Instagram by @surelylorraine

Owl Talk

In 2014, L.A.'s CBS station named Owl Talk one of the best consignment shops in the city. This boutique, which has also been featured in Vogue, pulls together a mix of vintage and contemporary fashion that goes from hippie to glam. Here, you'll find funky prints, flashy sequins and everything in between. The collection never feels too-retro; you can easily pull together an outfit here and still look like you're living in 2017. Be on the lookout for owl-themed accessories too.

Photo courtesy of Read Books, Facebook

Read Books

Books spill out of the shelves and stack up on the floor inside Read Books. This compact used book store nearly overflows with reading material and you should give yourself time to comb through the bounty. Read Books' collection also includes signed, first edition and otherwise collectible items. It's also home to a small newsstand that carries a good selection of hip publications like The Believer , Bust and more.

Instagram by @torospottery

Toros Pottery

Toros Pottery is a must-visit spot for shoppers looking for made-in-L.A. home decor. Helmed by potter Toros Tngrian, this boutique/workshop is filled with stunning pieces ranging from small coffee cups to large bowls and vases. Tngrian's Armenian heritage shows items like decorative pomegranates, a symbol of the country, and small Armenian orthodox crosses. Prices at Toros pottery are very reasonable; you can get a souvenir or gift here for under $25. Additionally, Tngrian offers pottery classes for both adults and children. Check the store's website for class information.