Los Angeles All Day and All Night

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Los Angeles is a place filled with opportunity. No matter what you may want to eat or want to have done, there’s always somewhere in this city that you can get it. The melding of different cultures represented by all the various neighborhoods means that every community is bringing something to the table, making the city more than the sum of its parts.

In the wee hours of the night, however, our choices become quite a bit more scarce outside of normal business hours. So it proves helpful to know just which businesses are open 24 hours during one of your odd hour cravings. Whether you’re in the mood for Korean food, donuts, the spa, a chili burger, or even bowling, we’ve got a list of places where you can get just that no matter what time of day it is.

The Original Pantry Cafe | Instagram by @ibmasons_dad

The Original Pantry Cafe

Founded in 1924, The Original Pantry Cafe boasts that it has never been closed for even a day, including when it moved to its current location at 9th Street and Figueroa in Downtown L.A. This old school greasy spoon has everything you want at all hours of the day, but remember to bring cash and pay following the end of your meal at the booth located just inside the front door. Steaks, burgers, omelettes, and all modifications of the above are the main bread and butter of this joint, but you won’t want to miss starting off with their famous buttered toast.

Seafood Hot Tofu Stew at BCD Tofu House
Seafood Hot Tofu Stew | Photo: BCD Tofu House, Facebook

BCD Tofu House - Wilshire

BCD Tofu House is a tried and true, centrally located Korean restaurant to get your appetizers and spicy tofu soup or bulgogi platter no matter what hours of the day. The dining room is large, yet the service is consistently prompt and the food delicious, making it a reliable go-to with little wait for satisfyingly bold flavors. Thankfully, that boldness comes on a scale where you specify just how spicy you want it, so your BCD experience is entirely customizable.

Primary image for SK's Donuts & Croissants

SK's Donuts & Croissants

Tucked into a tiny strip mall in Koreatown, SK's Donuts & Croissants is a 24-hour gem. From glazed donuts to blueberry donuts and those filled with oreo or covered in fruity pebbles, they’ve got it all. They’ve even got their own version of the Croissant-Donut hybrid, The SKronut - one version is a strawberry nutella cream. There’s a small parking lot which may or may not be full.

Primary image for Wi Spa

Wi Spa

Wi Spa is one of a handful of Korean spas that are open 24 hours, 7 days per week, but the facilities here are on the nicer end. The basic entrance fee to use the facilities is $25 per person, but there are weekday as well as early morning specials with reduced fees. There’s also a gym should you want to burn some calories. Take advantage of each signature treatment room - there’s an ordered progression to it all - and you might even want to take a look at the available treatments to complement your visit. If you feel like replenishment at the end, their restaurant is also open 24 hours for a satisfying Korean meal to end your stay.

Primary image for Hodori


You’ll find similar Korean specialty menus and hours at Hodori as well as its next door neighbor, Nak Won House. The straight-forward menu is further aided by pictorials, making it extremely easy to order from one of the waitresses. You’ll get unlimited barley tea as well as banchan, the traditional Korean appetizers, once you order. Hodori is a great place to come after a night of revelry on the town.

Primary image for Original Tommy's Hamburgers

Original Tommy's Hamburgers

This multi-location Los Angeles landmark has been in business since 1946 and is best known for their chili. Whether it's on a burger, hot dog, fries, breakfast burrito, or even alone, the chili is what makes Original Tommy’s famous. Even while everything is cooked to order, the low prices make the entire menu accessible for everyone. That, coupled along with the fact that it never closes, it’s no wonder why Tommy’s is one of the most popular local fast foods around.

25 Degrees

25 Degrees

Burger cravings in the afternoon as well as into the late Hollywood night are quite common, and that’s why 25 Degrees is so advantageously located. Also boasting full bar, the restaurant is on the ground floor of the historic Hollywood Roosevelt, making it easy access for hotel guests and Hollywood revelers alike. Their breakfast menu is extensive for proper morning nourishment, but no matter what time of day, you won’t want to miss their extra large specialty boozy milkshakes, which are suitable for sharing.

Oxtail short rib at Sun Nong Dan | Photo by Joshua Lurie

Sun Nong Dan

Since many often think of its grilled barbecue preparation when thinking of Korean food, there are lots of dishes in the cuisine that go unnoticed. Sun Nong Dan is a great place to taste such fare. Though they’re open 24 hours, Sun Nong Dan serves up many of these traditional Korean foods utilizing only the freshest ingredients. So, while everything is delicious, not everything on this trim menu is always available. Dishes here include soups, boiled and braised specialties predominantly centered around beef. You’ll love the huge variety of flavors on your table, both bold and nuanced.


Canter's Deli

This classic Jewish delicatessen on Fairfax is an L.A. landmark. The colossal menu at Canter's Deli is bound to have at least a few things on it for everyone. There are burgers, soups, fish appetizers, deli case favorites, breakfast items, many different styles of sandwiches, dinner plates, a kids’ menu, and much, much more. However, if you’re an omnivore and want to order the go-to, your best bet is to go with the deli’s signature pastrami sandwich.

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

Los Angeles is graced with three Sprinkles Cupcake ATMs - perfect for satisfying your cupcake craving from early in the morning to the wee hours of the night. All you need is cash or credit to dispense your cupcakes of choice, which are all individually boxed for freshness. You’ll find such a machine in Beverly Hills, on-campus at the University of Southern California, or at the Americana at Brand in Glendale.

Du-par's - The Original Farmers Market

Du-par’s at The Original Farmer’s Market has been in business since 1938, but you can find the two other Southern California locations in Pasadena and Studio City. They’re best known for their buttermilk hotcakes and other breakfast items, but also their patty melt, country chicken and chicken pot pie. Because no matter what time of day, the old timey American diner is the perfect place to be when you want to feel at home.

Photo courtesy of Fred 62, Facebook

Fred 62

This Los Feliz diner puts a spin on traditional diner food that readily satisfies its neighboring community. Fred 62 has a good share of breakfast dishes (with eggs and “like” eggs, alike) but also a good number of sandwiches and also “Freshwiches,” which is wrapped in a rice paper spring roll. There are also daily specials and even a handful of noodle dishes, making Fred 62 the perfect alternative diner on this 24 hour list.

Primary image for Pico Union Pawn Shop

Pico Union Pawn Shop

If you need some quick cash or are looking for some odds and ends that you never even knew you needed, Pico Union Pawn Shop is the place for you. They’re helpful and will properly assess that TV, jewelry or anything else you wanted to unload. There are also some interesting retro pieces in the shop that are always quick to turn around.

Primary image for Randy's Donuts

Randy's Donuts

Visit that unmistakeable, huge donut structure that you’ve seen in numerous movies, TV shows and music videos up close and personal, any time of day. Built in 1953, Randy’s Donuts is a relic of programmatic architecture, open 24/7 and serving up handmade, airy rings (and other shapes) of fried dough in Inglewood. Go with their signature glazed variety and saddle that up with a few other classic varieties such as Apple Fritter, Chocolate Long John with Cream, and Raspberry Jelly.

Primary image for Gage Bowl

Gage Bowl

If you’re jonesin’ to throw a few balls down the alley at odd hours of the day, head over to Gage Bowl in Huntington Park. They’ve also got karaoke and eight pool tables for all around fun. Be sure to bring cash, and if you’d like to drink, the bar closes at 1:30 am. The pitchers of beer are a great deal for you are your party of bowling night owls.

Strawberry Donuts at The Donut Man
Fresh strawberry donuts at The Donut Man | Photo: @donutmanca, Instagram

The Donut Man

Whether you spell it “donut” or “doughnut,” you’ll find fresh strawberries inside their seasonal strawberry variety at The Donut Man in Glendora, the crowd favorite. Or, you might want to go with something a little more traditional, like their Tiger Tail, which is also very popular. Their overall selection leans more old school with a few specialty donuts sprinkled in. Remember to bring enough cash for all the donuts your heart desires, as that’s their only accepted currency here.