Living La Dolce Vita at Mr. C Beverly Hills

That's amore from the moment you check in
Mr. C Beverly Hills lobby
Photo: Mr. C Beverly Hills

Things that make you feel buono: shiny Gucci loafers, luxury yacht interiors, baked tagliolini. An ardent Italo-phile, you’d rather be in Venice, Florence, or Rome any day of the week—but when you can’t skip through the Fontana di Trevi, Mr. C Beverly Hills brings a little slice of la dolce vita to your doorstep.

The West Coast home of Italian chic, Mr. C Beverly Hills is part of the hotel and restaurant chain founded by the Cipriani family, which opened Harry’s Bar in a discreet stone building off Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy in 1931. The Ciprianis invented things like beef carpaccio and the Bellini, attracting legends like Ernest Hemingway and Humphrey Bogart. The concept was simple: treat all clients like royalty. That same view on hospitality is on offer at Mr C. Beverly Hills, opened in 2011 by the fourth generation of the Cipriani family.

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Signature Suite at Mr C. Beverly Hills

You wake up cocooned in your waffle bed linens, get up, and look out of your private balcony - the view stretches across the Downtown L.A. skyline. Red leather couches, black-and-white photography and an in-room wood-paneled bar make this feel like a joint Ol’ Blue Eyes himself would have approved of.

You take a rain shower in your marble bathroom and head downstairs to the lobby - all white chandeliers, marble floors and leather couches - where new guests are being served complimentary Bellinis on arrival. Now that’s service.

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Getty Villa courtyard | Photo by Stephen Lee Carr, Flickr

You spend the day cruising around the best Italian spots in L.A.—many of them on the Westside, close to the hotel. Los Angeles is positively brimming with Italian renaissance style architecture: there’s Greenacres (the former Harold Lloyd Estate on 1040 Angelo Dr); Royce Hall at UCLA, designed by Allison & Allison in the Lombard Romanesque style; and the magnificent Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades (17985 Pacific Coast Highway), a replica of the Villa dei Papyri at Herculaneum which was engulfed by lava in 79 A.D.

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Venice Canal Historic District | Photo courtesy of Kostya Danko, Flickr

You catch sunset at the landmark canals south of Venice Boulevard, a criss-cross tapestry of waterways inspired by the originals in Italy, with four of the original Venetian bridges still standing, before your tummy starts rumbling. Time for pasta.

Mr. C Beverly Hills Classic Cipriani Cuisine
Classic Cipriani Cuisine | Photo courtesy of Mr. C Beverly Hills

While there are dozens of incredible Italian restaurants in L.A.—Sotto, Osteria Mozza, Bestia—the Old World dishes at Mr C’s restaurant beckon you home. Dining poolside under an orange canopy, you fill up on classic beef Carpaccio alla Cipriani, thinly-carved wafers of tenderloin, and lightly-baked tagliolini tossed in béchamel sauce and ham. Another pink Bellini and before long you’re back in those sumptuous sheets, watching La Dolce Vita, the words “that’s amore” floating through your mind.

Mr. C Beverly Hills
1224 Beverwil Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90035