Go On Location: The Ultimate Guide to “Clueless” Film Locations in Los Angeles (Part 2)

Circus Liquor sign | Photo courtesy of WarmSleepy, Flickr

The ultimate guide to Clueless film locations continues from Part 1, featuring each and every Los Angeles locale featured in the 1995 hit comedy – like, all 40 of them.

San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood from “Clueless” | Photo by Lindsay Blake

Driving to the Val Party - San Vicente Boulevard, Brentwood (0:32)

While driving Cher, Dionne and Tai to the Val party, Murray heads west on the 11600 and 11700 blocks of San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood. The stretch of San Vicente includes top restaurants like SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa, Toscana and Suzanne Goin’s acclaimed Tavern.

The Valley party house from “Clueless” | Photo by Lindsay Blake

The Valley Party House - Granada Hills (0:32)

This location will have you totally buggin’! The Valley house where Cher and Elton play “Suck and Blow,” Tai gets hit in the head with a clog, and Murray shaves his head (“’Cause I’m keeping it real!”) no longer exists. It was torn down earlier this year and the only portions that currently remain intact are the pool and fireplace.

Circus Liquor | Photo by Lindsay Blake

Circus Liquor (0:40)

After bucking Elton’s advances, Cher gets ditched, mugged and is forced to ruin her Alaïa (“Aawhatta?”) dress while at Circus Liquor in North Hollywood.

Weingart Center for the Liberal Arts at Occidental College | Photo by Lindsay Blake

Heather’s Dorm – Weingart Center for the Liberal Arts, Occidental College (0:44)

Occidental College was not used solely to stand in for Bronson Alcott High School. Occidental’s Weingart Center for the Liberal Arts masqueraded as the dorm where Josh’s girlfriend, Heather (Susan Mohun) lives.

Rush Gymnasium | Photo courtesy of Occidental College

Locker Room - Rush Gymnasium, Occidental College (0:45)

The locker room where Cher, Dionne and Tai decide to “blow off seventh and eighth, go to the mall, have a calorie fest and see the new Christian Slater” can be found inside Occidental’s Rush Gymnasium.

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Burbank | Photo by Lindsay Blake

Crocodile Café - Kabuki Japanese Restaurant (0:45)

Cher and Dionne cheer Tai up at the former Crocodile Café, now Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, in Burbank. Despite the change of tenants, the space is still very recognizable from Clueless, though the pink walls have long since been painted over. The same restaurant is also seen briefly in the movie’s opening montage: “So you’re probably going, like, is this a Noxzema commercial or what?”

Mighty Mighty Bosstones Party – Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (0:53)

Cher and Christian (Justin Walker) attend a party thrown by Josh’s friends, featuring the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. Production designer Steven J. Jordan dressed the expansive, warehouse-like space with a plethora of neon, a bar and a performance stage to give it a club-like feel. In real life, the space houses temporary art exhibits.

Shoreline Drive from “Clueless” | Photo by Lindsay Blake

Freeway Scene - Shoreline Drive, Long Beach (1:05)

Cher, Murray and Dionne survive a harrowing experience on the freeway after Dionne inadvertently enters an onramp while getting driving lessons from Murray. Shutting down a Los Angeles freeway for a film shoot can be a logistical nightmare, so location manager Jeffrey T. Spellman chose to shoot the scene on Long Beach’s West Shoreline Drive, a large, four-lane divided road that looks like a freeway. Prior to the freeway mishap, the trio discusses Christian’s sexuality while on nearby East Ocean Boulevard. The stretch of Shoreline Drive is located a 10-minute walk from Harbor Breeze Cruises, which offers year-round whale watching cruises and daily harbor tours.

Second level of Westfield Fashion Square | Photo by Lindsay Blake

Mall Interior – Westfield Fashion Square (1:07)

In front of what is now Foot Locker at Westfield Fashion Square, Tai has a near-death experience when some Barneys attempt to throw her off of the mall’s second floor railing.

Intersection of San Vicente and South Bristol from "Clueless" | Photo by Lindsay Blake

Cher’s Driving Test - San Vicente Boulevard, Brentwood (1:12)

Cher takes – and fails – her driving test along the eastbound side of San Vicente Boulevard, between South Burlingame Avenue and South Gretna Green Way, in Brentwood. Just a couple of her ill-timed mishaps include hitting a parked car (at Burlingame Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard) and nearly colliding with a biker at Cliffwood Drive and San Vicente. Cher is told she failed while pulled over at the intersection of San Vicente Boulevard and Bristol Avenue, in front of the house located at 450 S. Bristol Ave.

Spadena House Witch's House
Spadena House | Photo: Terry Alexander, Flickr

The Witch’s House (1:18)

During her introspective walk, Cher wanders by the Spadena House, more commonly known as the Witch’s House. The Storybook-style home was originally constructed at Culver City’s Willat Studios in 1920 as a silent film set/production office. At some point in the 20s, the studio was planning to tear the residence down when producer Ward Lascelle stepped in and purchased it. He moved the structure via truck to a plot of land he owned in Beverly Hills, where it stands today. Current owner Michael J. Libow spent years restoring the property to its original fairy tale-like grandeur. Today, it is Beverly Hills’ most popular address at Halloween, as well as a year-round tour bus stop.

Electric Fountain at Beverly Gardens Park | Photo by Lindsay Blake

Electric Fountain - Beverly Gardens Park (1:19)

Cher has a major epiphany and realizes she is in love with Josh while standing in front of the Electric Fountain, designed in 1931 by architect Ralph Carlin Flewelling. The fountain is located in Beverly Hills at the intersection of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards, on the western end of Beverly Gardens Park. A large central basin is detailed with relief carvings that represent various events in California history. Anchored at the top of the basin is a sculpture of a Native American woman praying for rain. After nightfall, the fountain lights up with color features that change every eight minutes.

Arthur G. Coons Administrative Center at Occidental College | Photo by Lindsay Blake

Art Museum - Arthur G. Coons Administrative Center, Occidental College (1:21)

The ground level of Occidental’s Arthur G. Coons Administrative Center masked as the art museum Cher visits with Christian during the montage scene in which Cher attempts to make over her soul.

Southeast corner of Occidental’s Johnson Student Center and Freeman College Union | Photo by Lindsay Blake

Cher’s Pismo Beach Disaster Relief Booth – Johnson Student Center and Freeman College Union, Occidental College (1:23)

Cher and Dionne encourage fellow students to sign up for the Pismo Beach Disaster Relief Team on the lawn located at the southeast corner of the Johnson Student Center and Freeman College Union.

Primary image for Occidental College

Pismo Beach Food Collection Drive - Johnson Student Center and Freeman College Union, Occidental College (1:23)

Travis donates some unusual kitchenware to the Pismo Beach Food Collection Drive in a multi-purpose room that was formerly located in the Freeman Student Union. The room was gutted during the 1998 renovation and no longer exists.

The Queen Mary viewed from Shoreline Aquatic Park | Photo by Lindsay Blake

Skateboarding Competition - Shoreline Aquatic Park, Long Beach (1:25)

Cher and Tai watch Travis compete in an Amateur Skateboarding League competition at Shoreline Aquatic Park in Long Beach. In the scene, the halfpipe is set up at the eastern portion of the park, directly across from Shoreline Village. The park is located a three-minute walk from the Aquarium of the Pacific, which welcomes 1.5 million annual visitors to discover the world’s largest ocean.