Favorite Local Shops in Los Angeles

Amoeba Music | Photo courtesy of Jay Martinez, Flickr

One of the greatest things about Los Angles are the natives — we’re hip, we’re diverse and we’re totally in love with LA. So when we decided to put together a list of favorite local shops, we went straight to the source: our Facebook fan page. Here’s a collection of responses from Angelenos, gathered with pride. We’ve even included brief descriptions of each pick. Have something you want to add? Check out the rest of the comments and leave your own.

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Photo courtesy of Jeffrey S, Flickr

Amoeba Records

“I know they have some up north, but I dig Amoeba Records. I get lost in there for a couple of hours.” – Rene

This list wouldn’t be complete without an LA record store, but Amoeba Music isn’t just any indie shop. Think aisles upon aisles of music — more than 500,000 CDs — and a healthy dose of DVDs and videos. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, it’s a good bet you won’t be able to find it somewhere else either.

6400 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.245.6400

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Photo courtesy of Pop Killer, Facebook


“Popkiller!” – Joshua

Popkiller got more than one vote for best local shop, and it’s easy to see why. Specializing in the vintage sunglass look — isn’t this where everybody in LA gets their shades? — Popkiller is really where Angelenos go for their quirky hipster cravings. The store never disappoints, especially when they showcase Japanese toys and one-of-a-kind arm bands.

7503 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.874.7731

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Photo courtesy of Hollywood Book and Poster Co., Facebook

Hollywood Book and Poster Co.

“Hollywood book and poster co!!! On hwood blvd” – Trixxie

You know the locals love it when it’s been around for 30 years. Angelenos come to Hollywood Book and Poster Co. for movie stills, movie posters, film scripts and…Mexican wrestling masks? Yup, the store features pretty much anything that has to do with the entertainment industry.

6562 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.465.8764

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Paul Smith on Melrose Ave. | Photo courtesy of Michael Locke Flickr

Melrose Avenue

"almost everything on Melrose” – Lauren

Packed with stores that you’ll find only in LA, Melrose Avenue between San Vincente and La Brea is probably also one of the best places to people watch, too. That’s because they’re getting decked out at places like Marc Jacobs and Fred Segal.

Melrose Ave., between San Vicente Blvd., and La Brea Ave.

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Intermix, Brentwood | Photo courtesy of Intermix, Facebook


“Black One Shoulder Jumpsuit at Intermix on Robertson. Have to say, it was a fabulous store. On the list, to be sure.” – Ally

Second that, Ally. All the products at Intermix seem like they ought to belong in Vogue and Style magazines. We have enjoyed their picks from Gryphon (such as the harlequin sequin skirt and leather jean jacket), but Ally’s onto something with the jumpsuits for sure.

110 S. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, 310.860.0113

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Photo courtesy of Book Soup, Facebook

Book Soup

“Favorite book store is Book Soup on Sunset! none better!” – Cathy

Famous for ceiling-high bookshelves, a celebrity clientele and author signings, Book Soup is on quite a few top 10 lists. In addition to in-depth fiction and nonfiction titles, it specializes in art, film and music, as well as books from university, international and small presses.

8818 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.659.3110