Angelenos Take On the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Now a worldwide phenomenon, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was created to promote awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, in which nominated participants are dared to have a bucket of ice cold water poured over them and then challenging others to do the same. Those named next must complete the ice bucket challenge within 24 hours or forfeit by donating money to the ALS Association. Most are doing both. From celebrities to community leaders, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has now been taken on by tons of Angelenos. These are 10 of our favorites.

Placido Domingo

The world-famous tenor and director of the L.A. Opera accepted the challenge from Formula 1 racer Fernando Alonso. After completing the challenge, he nominated soprano Anna Netrebko, pianist Lang Lang and the singers from musical group Il Volo.

Team from the Hilton Universal

Several team members from the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City Hotel good-naturedly took part in the challenge, confirming the hotel would be donating to the cause as well.

Katy Perry

Never one to do things halfway, Katy Perry donned a black bikini and boarded a makeshift pirate ship to complete the challenge, showcasing her victory in regular and slow-motion on her Instagram before nominating the Material Girl herself, Madonna.

Staff of the Jewish Journal

Staffers at L.A.-based publication, The Jewish Journal, nominated Jeffrey Goldberg, Tom Friedman, David Brooks and Howard Stern before collectively dousing themselves with freezing water.

Pasadena Playhouse

Leave it to a theater to come up with a fun way of introducing their Ice Bucket Challenge video. Before a group working on off-season restoration work at the historic Pasadena Playhouse got doused, a puppet posing as a news reporter introduced them and performed a countdown.

Michael Voltaggio

Cold? Yes. Dangerous? Perhaps. But L.A. chef Michael Voltaggio was not to be deterred, and performed the Ice Bucket Challenge in true Top Chef style by having a bit of liquid nitrogen addded to his bucket.

Kobe Bryant

The Lakers star went all the way in for his Ice Bucket Challenge, immersing himself in a tub of 48-degree water, with the temperature gauge to prove it!

Michael Ritchie

 Artistic Director Michael Ritchie accepts the Geffen Playhouse’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and nominates Los Angeles Times Chief Theatre Critic Charles McNulty


Center Theatre Group's Artistic Director Michael Ritchie took one for the team when he accepted the challenge from the Geffen Playhouse and Pasadena Playhouse on behalf of his staff - in full suit attire, no less! Standing outside the Mark Taper Forum and surrounded by cheering staff, Ritchie was soaked by team members standing high on a ladder, and in turn nominated Los Angeles Times Chief Theatre Critic Charles McNulty.

Daryl Evans

Seated calmly on a throne of ice and having donned Stanley Cup-winning Los Angeles Kings' trademark crown, Kings alum and radio personality Daryl Evans is fittingly soaked to the skin by - what else? A Zamboni. He also set a good example, as he performed the challenge in front of aspiring players at an annual summer hockey camp.

Matt Kemp

Several Dodgers players and staff, including General Manager Ned Coletti and second baseman Dee Gordon, have taken the Ice Bucket Challenge. Unlike others, Matt Kemp traded the stadium locker room for the comforts of a sun-soaked backyard, but still braced for the cold before being doused by a laughing friend - and then nominating Dodgers co-owner Magic Johnson.