5 Questions with Lil Buck

Summit LA17: Get to know the acclaimed dancer
Lil Buck at Summit Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah | Photo by Marshall Birnbaum

Founded in 2008, Summit creates unique gatherings designed to catalyze entrepreneurship, creative achievement, and global change to create a more joyful world. Summit's 11th Flagship event, LA17 will gather 3,500 leaders across all disciplines. Summit's first-ever Los Angeles event, Summit LA17 is taking place Nov. 3-6 at hotels, restaurants and temporary spaces in Downtown L.A.'s historic Broadway Theatre District.

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Lil Buck and Jon Boogz on stage at Summit at Sea in 2016 | Photo courtesy of Summit

More than 40 musicians, poets, and dancers will perform in speakeasies, grand theaters, and even on the street, including classical, stand up comedy, hip-hop, live acts, DJs, spoken word and movement art.

The incredible lineup of performances includes Lil Buck, an acclaimed dancer renowned for his jookin style. Creating projects with socially driven messages, Lil Buck has performed with everyone from Cirque du Soleil (Michael Jackson: One) to Yo-Yo Ma to Madonna during her Super Bowl halftime show.

His favorite place to dance in L.A? "Everywhere! I dance wherever I go." We also found out his favorite movie is the classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Read on for more about Lil Buck, from his favorite restaurants to what he has in store for Summit LA17 attendees.

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Photo courtesy of The Federal, Facebook

What's your favorite L.A. neighborhood?
I’ve lived in Crenshaw, Santa Monica, Burbank. But I would say my favorite area is North Hollywood/Studio City. A lot of my friends and professional dancers live there – that’s where all the action is! There’s a place there called The Federal on Lankershim - they have an upstairs where all the dancers just vibe out and dance. It’s the one place I can go to just relax and dance and have fun - all types and levels of dance happening there. from people who just do the sprinkler to professionals.

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Vegan "Big Mac" | Photo courtesy of Doomie's Home Cookin', Facebook

Any favorite L.A. restaurants?
Oh yeah! Doomies. It’s a vegan fast food place in Hollywood with a hidden menu. You only know about it if you’re a regular, and they have a vegan Big Mac there. It is the most delicious burger ever, and it's twice as big as a real Big Mac. I also like a Vietnamese place called Lotus Vegan in North Hollywood – they have the best pad see ew in the world!

Was there something about L.A. that surprised you once you got here and started living here?
I moved out here from Memphis and I got some of the greatest energy here I’ve ever gotten from people anywhere. They’re very health conscious too, more so than I’ve ever experienced. Another thing is, it really doesn’t rain!

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Photo courtesy of Boulevard3, Facebook

Where would you take people when they came to visit?
I would usually take them Downtown. Or maybe Boulevard3 at the Hollywood Athletic Club. They play really good music with a lounge and a nice dance floor. I also take people to the Third Street Promenade for the street performers. And it’s close to the beach. That’s actually how I got my start as a dancer – performing on the street there.

What will you be performing at Summit? Did you make a special piece or is it something you’re recreating?
I will let the environment choose for me. Summit is such a good environment with so many like-minded people, it inspires you to do different things. I’m so in tune with improvisation and with my body, I’m comfortable with the challenge of just jumping in. It’ll be a surprise.

What I love about Summit is, they bring people together in a way that makes us want to create new work, collaborations, whether you’re in dance or in tech, we all have a responsibility to make something good happen in the world.

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Photo courtesy of Summit