Metro ExpressLanes

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Metro ExpressLanes is a pilot, one-year demonstration program overseen by Metro and Caltrans to improve mobility and sustainability on two of our busiest freeways in Los Angeles County. This program offers an innovative package of transit and roadway improvements to introduce congestion pricing as a new way to travel. Existing carpool lanes on I-10 (from I-605 to Alameda Street) and on I-110 (from SR91/Artesia Transit Center to Adams Boulevard) are being converted to High Occupancy Toll lanes known as Metro ExpressLanes. The general purpose lanes will not be tolled.

The Metro ExpressLanes will offer reduced congestion and provide another travel option for solo drivers by paying a toll, while carpoolers that meet the occupancy requirements, transit, and motorcycles will continue to use the lanes toll free.

The I-110 Metro ExpressLanes will open on Saturday, November 10, 2012. The I-10 Metro ExpressLanes are scheduled to open in early 2013.

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How It Works

Solo drivers on the I-110 and I-10 with a FasTrak® transponder can now beat the traffic and save time by choosing to pay a toll to use the ExpressLanes. To use the ExpressLanes, sign up for a FasTrak account and mount FasTrak in your vehicle. Before each trip, set FasTrak to indicate how many people are in your vehicle. Enter the ExpressLanes at designated FasTrak entry points and your FasTrak account is charged accordingly.

Carpool Loyalty Program

Eligible carpools with FasTrak travel the ExpressLanes toll-free and are automatically enrolled in the Loyalty Program to earn gift card rewards. Vanpools continue to share the ride on the ExpressLanes toll-free, earn gift card rewards through the Loyalty Program, and benefit from a van lease subsidy.

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Transit Rewards Program

As frequent transit riders, customers can earn toll credits on the Metro ExpressLanes corridors. Using their registered TAP card, transit riders can earn a $5 toll credit by taking 32 one-way trips during peak hours along the I-110 Harbor Transitway or I-10 El Monte Busway. Metro ExpressLanes Rewards credits are non-transferable and expire after 90 days. The toll credits must be used on Metro ExpressLanes and are not valid on other toll roads. The Rewards Program is the first of its kind in the transit and toll industry. For more information, please visit


The I-110 and I-10 Metro ExpressLanes regulations will be enforced by the California Highway Patrol using visual and electronic means. Enforcement of the correct use of Metro ExpressLanes is critical to keeping the lanes free-flowing at all times.