"ReCollect" By Cat Chiu Phillips

"ReCollect" by Cat Chiu Phillips
Jan 23 - Mar 31, 2023  |  7:00AM - 7:00PM
Adams Square Mini Park Gas Station

The project ReCollect creates a unique experience combining post-consumer product innovation and sustainability while paying homage to traditional craft methods and the handmade. Made of 35mm slides, this project creates awe and wonder on the transformative aspects of electronic waste while offering a dialogue on sustainability, recycling, and conservation.

Growing up in Manila, one of Philips' fondest childhood memories is when the city is lit with traditional parols to mark the holiday season. A parol is an ornamental lantern traditionally made out of bamboo and Japanese paper. ReCollect is inspired by this childhood wonderment and fascination of light and color especially both revealing and concealing its immediate environment. Glendale is an ideal location for this project because the materials used to create the parols are from obsolete audio-visual materials. Since the entertainment industry is prominent in the city of Glendale, the project holds relevancy, nostalgia, and connection to the thriving economy of the city. Additionally, the project recognizes the support of environmental and ecological efforts while honoring a distinctive cultural icon from the Philippines. Representative of the small community of Filipinos for the City of Glendale and surrounding areas.