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Honeymoon Suite (with Apologies to Neil Simon)

Graphic for "Honeymoon Suite"
$40    |  Aug 4, 2024  |  3:00PM - 5:00PM

There’s a subtitle to this show: “(with apologies to Neil Simon)”.There are certain obvious parallels to Honeymoon Suite and three of the late Simon’s plays: There are three couples, and each of them will experience pivotal moments in their relationship that will affect their marital destiny.

The stories in this show, however, are all new.

Evy and Oscar have eloped. One of them is a soldier who is about to be deployed. Evy and Oscar will have to cram a honeymoon into a severely restricted amount of time.

Mike is with his new (and second) wife Katie. Mike isn’t sure whether or not he had carnal relations with another woman at his bachelor party. It’s all a haze, now. Did he or didn’t he? The answer comes from an unexpected quarter.

Becca’s besties are there to console her, as it looks like Jeff jilted her at the altar. But is that what happened, really?

The cast includes Jerry Campisi, Whitney Montgomery, Chris Periko, Lilly Weak, Lindsay Shelton, Piper Major, Grace Neiswander, Pete Navis, Stevie Kincheloe, Lindsay Gentile, Erin Astin, and Alex Borja.
Written by Kelli Bowlden. Directed by Jenna Hoffman. Presented by SkyPilot Theatre Company.