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Hailey Biebers’ Cosmic Bliss Strawberry Glaze Ice Cream at the Beverly Hills Hotel!

Cosmic Bliss Strawberry Glaze Ice Cream
n/a    |  Jul 1 - 31, 2024  |  8:00AM - 8:00PM

Starting July 1st, Cosmic Bliss will be offered at the Beverly Hills Hotel menu for guests, before expanding into a limited-time ice cream stand on the hotel rooftop later in July.
In case you’re unfamiliar, Cosmic Bliss is a premium plant-based and grass-fed dairy organic ice cream brand that is a part of HumanCo—a next-generation family of trusted brands that makes your favorite foods better. Most recently, Cosmic Bliss teamed up with Hailey Rhode Bieber and OBB Ventures (investment arm of OBB Media) to create a flavor inspired by Hailey’s sought-after “Strawberry Skin Glaze” smoothie and “Strawberry Glaze Soft Serve Sundae” at Erewhon.