Celebrate International Yoga Day with Dr. Ishan Shivanand

$20    |  Jun 21, 2024  |  7:00PM - 9:00PM

Dr. Ishan Shivanand, an acclaimed mental health researcher and professor, will be conducting a public session of his “Yoga of Immortals” (YOI) in Artesia from 7 to 9 p.m. Part of a holistic wellness program, YOI combines cognitive yogic techniques that far predate the body-focused types of yoga known in the West today. They stem from centuries-old yogic wisdom from India and use breathwork and cognitive and emotional stimulation techniques.

At this special session, Dr. Shivanand will:
· Teach clinically validated and evidence-based protocols to help reconnect with ourselves and reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
· Guide participants to use breathing protocols to delve deeper into self-awareness and spiritual fulfilment.
· Give participants a preventive and natural approach to health, happiness and harmony within ourselves and in our community.