The Dolphin I Loved

Margaret Lovatt & Peter the Dolphin
$10.00    |  Jun 8 - 30, 2024  |  7:00PM - 3:30PM

“The Dolphin I Loved” is a one-hour homage to the true story of Margaret Lovatt and her Dolphin, Peter. A 1960s Hustler Magazine article sensationalized the story and became popular in the 2010s with Radiolab coverage. For three months in the late 1960s, Margaret and Peter lived in an apartment filled with water while Margaret attempted to teach Peter English. We bring this show today to invite audiences to challenge commonly held misconceptions about humans being the most intelligent species on Earth at a time when the Earth needs our respect more than ever.

Our cast of one performer -- works tirelessly to capture the bewildering spirit of Margaret Lovatt, Dr. John Lilly, and Peter the dolphin, the strangest trio on planet Earth, in the only way she knows how: through dolphin sounds and a kiddy pool stage. Kelly has created a verisimilitude of the US Virgin Islands, where the story takes place if viewed upside down through squinted eyes, that will delight and break the hearts of all.