LAX's Tom Bradley International Terminal: Family Travelers

Layovers at the airport can be tough, especially when you're looking for activities the whole family can enjoy. Luckily the new Tom Bradley International Terminal has a ton of great options for everyone.


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Artista callejero en el paseo de Venice | Foto de Lori Bucci, Flickr


Pocos lugares pueden igualar el estilo y la combinación de personajes singulares, tiendas, restaurantes y bares que ofrece Venice Beach. Aquí siempre hay algo que ver y hacer, ya sean sus famosos artistas callejeros, los fisicoculturistas ejercitándose en Muscle Beach, juegos de baloncesto de gran intensidad, o las chucherías y baratijas que solo podemos encontrar aquí. Muy cerca de ahí se encuentra el Abbot Kinney Boulevard que ha sido nombrado por la revista GQ como “la calle más ‘cool’ en los Estados Unidos”, y de seguro estarán de acuerdo con este nombramiento después de que conozcan su ecléctica colección de boutiques y tiendas. Los sibaritas pueden escoger entre restaurantes como el aclamado Tasting Kitchen, uno de los favoritos de antaño como Joe’s Restaurant.

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Kids' will marvel at this wonderland of tiny toys, candy and novelties splashed with Hello Kitty and other favorite characters. Have fun wandering around and looking at all the trinkets, then snag some fun candy or a plush pillow for the plane ride. It's also a great gift spot if you're looking to bring something home as a surprise.

Children's Play Area / ADA, Pet Relief Area

Take the kids (and pets if you have them) out to run around outside and get some much-needed fresh air between flights - sure to get everyone's energy out so you can take a snooze on that flight ahead.


Build your own yogurt creation from one of the country's best-loved frozen dessert spots, add tons of your favorite toppings and enjoy! A delicious must-have on a layover for the whole family, and not too unhealthy, either.

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Vanilla Bake Shop

L.A.-based Vanilla Bake Shop has the feel of a neighborhood bakery making sweets straight from mom's cookbook. Regular cupcakes for the adults, minis for the kids, plus cookies, cakes and even pies. If you can't be home enjoying fresh-baked sweets, this is the next-best thing.

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An L.A. standout, Kitson is the perfect spot for gifts for all ages, including kids and babies. From clothing and toys to novelties and jewelry, Kitson has the widest selection around. Don't miss their signature logo and "Los Angeles" items, which make perfect souvenirs, even if you were only passing through town.

800 Degrees

Some consider 800 Degrees the best pizza in Los Angeles. Either way, what food could be a better hit with adults and kids than a perfectly crispy pizza pie? Choose from artisanal toppings like soppressata, fresh clams and smoked provolone in addition to all your regular favorites.

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Marmalade Cafe

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a huge menu ranging from soups and salads to pasta, sandwiches and steak, there's something for everyone at Marmalade.

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