How to Spend 72 Hours in L.A.

Exterior of Walt Disney Concert Hall at night
Walt Disney Concert Hall | Photo: Candice Montgomery, Flickr

Los Angeles is a global metropolis that offers endless possibilities for visitors and locals alike. Whether you’re a solo traveler seeking world-class cultural attractions, or a family that’s ready for a day of fun-filled adventure, you’re sure to find it in L.A. Read on for the best 72-hour itineraries that will help you experience the best of Los Angeles in just three days.

L.A. in a Day | Photo courtesy of Bikes and Hikes LA, Facebook


Adrenaline: that’s what adventure seekers require in a destination, and Los Angeles delivers. Endless hiking trails beg exploration in recreation areas like Runyon Canyon, Fryman Canyon, Sycamore Canyon, and Griffith Park. Stair workouts challenge the fittest in Santa Monica, Studio City, and Downtown Los Angeles. Still craving more? Here are three action-packed itineraries that are sure to get the heart pumping. 

"Urban Light" at LACMA
"Urban Light" at LACMA

Arts & Culture

The thriving Los Angeles arts scene could fill a lifetime, and for visitors that experience begins with the Public Art and Exhibitions Program at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Just have a few days? Not to worry. That’s enough time to get immersed in plenty of culture, from classic to contemporary art, music, dance and cuisine. 

Nocando at Amoeba Music Hollywood
Nocando at Amoeba Hollywood | Photo courtesy of Mirada Films

Bargains Galore

You don’t have to break the bank to experience Los Angeles. Plenty of the city’s glitz, glam, and signature attractions can be seen for free, or with a minuscule price tag. Read on for three days of excursions that are both memorable and easy on the wallet. 

Beyoncé at Sushi Park | Instagram by @beyonce
Beyoncé at Sushi Park | Instagram by @beyonce

Celebrity Spotting

Red carpets, flashing cameras, couture in motion - these are some of the hallmarks of famous Hollywood moments ascribed to Los Angeles. Determined to see a celebrity while visiting, or at least walk in their footsteps? These itineraries are a “shoe-in” - stiletto style. 

Tigress and Po at Lunar New Year at Universal Studios Hollywood | Photo by David Sprague courtesy of Universal Studios Hollywood
Tigress and Po at Lunar New Year at Universal Studios Hollywood | Photo by David Sprague courtesy of Universal Studios Hollywood

Family Fun

A day at Universal Studios Hollywood is just one of L.A.’s family-friendly experiences. The city is ready to fulfill fantasies for young and old with enchanting forays into the worlds of the Old West, exotic jungle creatures, and Hollywood movie magic. 

Millennium Biltmore Hotel
Millennium Biltmore Hotel  |  Photo: Yuri Hasegawa

Historic L.A.

Los Angeles is rich with landmarks of times gone by. From historic hotels to architectural works like the 121-year-old Bradbury Building, the city brims with echoes of the past. And with two other benchmarks of historical significance a bit farther afield - the port town of San Pedro to the south and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum in Simi Valley to the north - visiting history buffs are certain to find plenty of fodder for their passion. 

Exchange LA Vortex
Photo courtesy of Exchange LA, Facebook


Daytime in Los Angeles serves up sunny beaches, rolling golf courses, and the hike-inspiring Santa Monica Mountains. But when night falls, another side of the city awakens. This is when the town comes alive with dining, music, clubbing, and much more. Get ready for L.A. after hours with this three-night itinerary. 

Creekside Patio at Inn of the Seventh Ray
Creekside Patio at Inn of the Seventh Ray  |  Photo: Yuri Hasegawa

Romantic Getaway

A little bit of romance can be found around every corner of Los Angeles, from dramatic mountains that tumble into the ocean to city streets lined with swaying palms. Experience the best of romantic L.A. with this three-day itinerary.