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Poolside, Hotel June
Poolside, Hotel June


Los Angeles’ Comeback Story is unfolding in Southern California. After a monumental year of exciting development and new experiences, Los Angeles Tourism has launched a new series of webinars for our global travel trade partners. These webinars will be uploaded to this webinar library for on-demand destination training. New webinars will be added throughout the year - make sure you are signed up for the travel trade newsletter to be notified when new webinars are uploaded.


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LA: Sports Capital - Travel Trade Webinar

The "LA: Sports Capital" webinar showcases LA's position as a sports destination and a must-visit city for any sports fan. The webinar provides an overview of the seasons, teams, and schedules for professional sports in Los Angeles, and highlights the varied athletic experiences available beyond spectator sports, including golf courses, motorsports, and more. The LA: Sports Capital webinar also provides travel advisors information on how to book spectator tickets and what major sports events are on the horizon.

What's New 2022 - Travel Trade Webinar

In our first webinar, Los Angeles Tourism will provide an update of what’s new in LA, including new hotels, attractions, experiences, and more. In addition, travel trade partners will learn what their clients can expect as they start their comeback story in the City of Angels.