Meet Elite Adventure Tours

Tony & Amanda Riccio 

Elite Adventure Tours

Elite Adventure Tours has been setting the gold standard for private luxury tours of Los Angeles since 2004. What began as signature ground tours has now evolved into a comprehensive portfolio of exclusive experiences, including helicopters, jets, yachts, private estates, destination management, and more. We take pride in our extensive knowledge, access to unique assets, and valuable partnerships, which enable us to create unforgettable, tailor-made adventures for our clients. At Elite Adventure Tours, every experience is private and completely customized, reflecting our commitment to providing the epitome of luxury and exclusivity to travelers from around the globe.

1. What does luxury mean to Elite Adventure Tours?
To Elite Adventure Tours, luxury transcends the ordinary. It is about crafting experiences that go beyond expectations, offering exclusivity, impeccable service, and a personal touch that allows our clients to indulge in the finest aspects of Los Angeles.

2. What makes an experience with Elite Adventure Tours unique?
Our experiences are unique because they are entirely bespoke. We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled access to the best of Los Angeles, ensuring that every tour is a customized one-of-a-kind adventure, tailored to the individual preferences and desires of our clients.

3. How can a travel advisor work with you to craft the perfect luxury experience for their clients?
Travel advisors can collaborate closely with us to curate exceptional experiences for their clients. We offer a consultative approach, where advisors can discuss their clients' interests, and we will leverage our local expertise and resources to create a personalized luxury itinerary that surpasses expectations.

4. When booking Elite Adventure Tours for their clients, what are the key selling points you would suggest travel advisors highlight?
Travel advisors should emphasize our commitment to complete customization, the extensive range of unique experiences we offer, the exclusivity of private tours, and our access to insider knowledge and partnerships that provide unparalleled access to the best of Los Angeles.

5. Share with us your insider tips for an elevated (luxury) experience when in LA?
Our insider tip for an elevated luxury experience in LA is to explore the city's diverse culinary scene. We can arrange private, chef-led dining experiences at renowned restaurants or intimate gatherings in stunning, exclusive locations, allowing clients to savor LA's culinary delights in style.

6. What is a new or coming soon exclusive experience with Elite?
We are thrilled to introduce our upcoming exclusive experience, 'Tasting Magic.' 

It is an extraordinary evening that combines the enchantment of magic with the indulgence of fine wine and gourmet delights. 'Tasting Magic' is carefully designed for intimate gatherings in estates, on private yachts, and within unique, opulent spaces.

This experience features the incredible talents of the world-renowned Master Magician, Jonathan Levit, who will leave you spellbound with his mystifying performances. To elevate the evening further, we have collaborated with Hollywood Classic Wines who will guide you through a cult-wine tasting, offering unique insights into each varietal, including hand-selected small-batch wines from the Hollywood Hills.

To complete this sensory journey, we have curated a gourmet tapas menu that perfectly complements the wine, ensuring a harmonious blend of flavors and an unforgettable, exclusive evening that captures the essence of luxury in Los Angeles.