5 Things You've Always Wanted to Try

Virtual Classes for every Angeleno

Courtesy of Fender Play
Courtesy of Fender Play

Ever wanted to really know what BTS is singing about? Make a great cocktail? Learn how to screen print like a street artist? Here's five, very L.A. things you must try now.

John Miner Prints
Courtesy of Instagram @j.e.miner


PCC punk rock professor and artist, John Miner, fires up a YouTube channel to help his misplaced students and to school the rest of us on the art of the screen print. The first episode explains psychedelic blends - no Photoshop!

gourmandise LA 2020
Courtesy of Instagram @gourmandisela


The Gourmandise School - "Cook-In" with Chef Gino

Learn the basics and cook with the kids via Instagram Live. Look for the live feed every night at 5 pm as Chef Gino will be showing kids how they can make dinner with what they have on hand. The chef will take submissions from kids everywhere, telling him what they have to cook with at home. He will select one request a day and go live the following day at 5 pm to create dinner using only those ingredients. Dinner ideas await!

Coles Old Fashioned 2020
Courtesy of Instagram @colesfrenchdip


The Educated Barfly 

Finally learn the secrets to a good drink. Hosted by Cole's bartender, Leandro DiMonriva, subscribe and watch via YouTube live stream (see channel for schedule). The Educated Barfly also features high quality videos featuring the best in Classic, Modern Classic and Craft cocktails, as well as pro tips on which equipment to spring for. 

BTS Promo 2020
Courtesy of BTS (2020)


Learn Korean with BTS

The BTS Army can now ‘Learn Korean With BTS,’ a new video-focused content initiative to help fans pick up and learn the Korean language. In order to make learning fun and more conducive for their fans, these (up to 30) tutorial videos will use actual clips from their reality series, Run BTS! “so that one can learn Korean by listening to expressions used frequently by the band.” Each instructional video will be about three minutes and feature simple Korean grammar and expressions.

Fender Play 2020
Courtesy of Fender


Learn to Play Guitar, Bass and Ukulele with Fender

Fender is offering new users a free 3 month subscription to Fender Play, the complete online learning app for guitar, bass and ukulele. The platform uses instructor-guided videos to teach you how to jam like Led Zeppelin, Sia, Shawn Mendes and more. You choose the genre, the axe and get started.


Get your improv on, or just do it to improve your presentation skills...The Groundlings School, the premiere training ground for some of the biggest comic geniuses in film and television, has launched a number of classes that can be taken online, from the comfort and safety of home. The Online Classes offer students an opportunity to continue their sketch, improv and writing education while the building remains closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. There will also be sessions available for those not currently enrolled in The Groundlings School program, making it the first time Groundlings classes are available to anyone throughout the U.S.

Classes will be conducted via video using Zoom and will cost $35.00 for a single class and $130.00 for a four-class series. New classes will be added every Monday at 1:00 p.m. for registration. There's also a new podcast, The Groundlings Podcast Network, which premiered on April 1, which will feature content from all the (now-famous) alumni. New episodes will follow every Wednesday and will air across all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.